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    Case Study Kimberly Clark

    Kimberly Clark Professional – Built On Magento and Powered by Webkul Marketplace

    Platform Adobe Commerce
    Industry Health
    Country Brazil

    This case study explores how Kimberly-Clark Professional Brazil, a leading hygiene products manufacturer, builds its online sales channel using the Magento 2 e-commerce platform and Webkul Marketplace solution.

    We will find out about the company and know the reasons for selecting Magento 2 and Webkul Marketplace, the implementation process, and the benefits achieved.

    Kimberly Clark’s case study provides valuable insights into leveraging these technologies to create a robust online marketplace.

    An Overview – Kimberly Clark Corporation

    Kimberly-Clark Corporation is a multinational consumer goods company that specializes in various personal care and hygiene products. The company was founded in 1872 in the United States and has since become one of the world’s leading manufacturers in its industry.


    Kimberly-Clark’s product portfolio includes a wide range of well-known brands that cater to different consumer needs. Some of their popular brands include Kleenex, Huggies, Scott, Cottonelle, Pull-Ups, Depend, and Kotex.

    These brands cover facial tissues, baby care products, toilet paper, paper towels, feminine care products, and adult care products.

    The company has a global presence, with operations in more than 175 countries. Kimberly-Clark commits to providing innovative, high-quality products that improve people’s lives and enhance well-being.


    In addition to its consumer product divisions, Kimberly-Clark has a professional division known as Kimberly-Clark Professional. This division provides workplace solutions and hygiene products for various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, and more.

    Kimberly-Clark Professional in Brazil

    Kimberly-Clark has been operating in Brazil for the past 16 years. Initially established as Klabin Kimberly through a joint venture with Klabin S/A, the company later became wholly owned by Kimberly-Clark Group and started to act as Kimberly-Clark® Brasil.


    With a strong presence in the Brazilian market, Kimberly-Clark Professional also has an online presence through its e-commerce website, selling all kinds of cleaning and hygiene products.

    Why Enterprise Use Magento 2 Adobe Commerce?

    Prior to Magento 2, Kimberly-Clark was using Drupal as their e-commerce backend, but now the enterprise uses and takes advantage of Adobe Commerce.

    There are several reasons why enterprise corporations like Kimberly-Clark may choose to move from Drupal to Magento for their e-commerce platform. Here are some key factors:

    E-commerce Focus

    Magento is specifically designed for e-commerce or online sales, whereas Drupal is a more versatile content management system (CMS).


    As enterprise corporations increasingly prioritize digital sales and CX (Customer Experience), they often require a dedicated e-commerce platform that offers specialized features and functionalities tailored to their business needs.

    For instance, B2B customers typically require more in-depth information about a product compared to B2C customers.


    Similarly on the Kimberly Clark website, with the help of Magento 2 Product Attachment, it allow businesses to provide detailed specifications, technical data sheets, and other relevant documents in the form of PDF and other formats.


    Scalability and Performance

    Magento is capable to handle large product catalogs, complex pricing structures, and high transaction volumes. As enterprises grow their online operations, they need a platform that can sustain their increasing demands without compromising performance.

    This is where Magento’s code architecture and built-in scalability features make it a suitable choice for these organizations.

    Customization and Flexibility

    Enterprises often have unique requirements and complex business processes. The Magento platform allows extensive customizations, enabling Magento development company like Webkul to modify their e-commerce storefront and backend to their specific needs.

    Magento 2 FAQ extension is visible on the Kimberly Clark Professional website.

    Adobe Commerce (Magento) offers a modular architecture, flexible APIs, and an extensive extensions list, enabling businesses to integrate with third-party systems and build custom functionalities easily.

    B2B Capabilities

    Many enterprise corporations have a significant B2B customer base and require advanced B2B features, such as custom pricing, negotiations, and complex ordering workflows.

    While other platforms can support basic B2B functionality, but Adobe Commerce B2B offers a comprehensive suite of B2B features out of the box. This makes Magento a preferred choice for big companies aiming to streamline their B2B operations.

    Ecosystem and Support

    Magento has a robust and active community of developers, agencies, and extension providers, offering various resources and support.

    Since enterprises have complex requirements and often need specialized assistance, the availability of a thriving ecosystem around Magento becomes a significant advantage.

    There is a wealth of documentation, forums, and experienced Magento professionals who can help with development, customization, and troubleshooting.

    Kimberly-Clark Professional Powered by Webkul Marketplace

    The development team customized the Magento 2 platform and is using Webkul Magento 2 Marketplace to align with Kimberly-Clark Professional business requirements.

    kimberly clark brazil marketplace

    The Kimberly-Clark team integrated various B2B modules, including Mercadopago Connect payment gateway, shipping method, and inventory management systems, to ensure seamless operations.

    Rigorous testing was conducted to identify and fix any bugs or issues. Once the website was deemed stable, it was deployed on a secure hosting environment.


    The marketplace storefront has a design with a user-friendly interface, enabling B2B customers to navigate through products, place orders, and manage their accounts effortlessly.


    Moreover, Webkul Magento 2 B2B Marketplace enabled third-party sellers to register, manage their inventory, and sell products on the platform, expanding the range of offerings and attracting more customers.

    For example, the website catered to B2B customers with features such as show prices after login, quotations, bulk ordering, and customer-specific catalogs.

    To Summarize

    By leveraging the power of Magento 2 and integrating the Webkul Marketplace solution, Kimberly-Clark Professional successfully built a robust e-commerce for Brazil.

    The implementation of these technologies not only transformed their online presence in Brazil but also improved operational efficiency, expanded the product range, and enhanced B2B customer satisfaction.

    This case study serves as an inspiration for B2B businesses seeking to establish a successful online marketplace using Magento 2 and the Webkul Marketplace solution.

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