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    Case Study Sense

    How Sense Did “Shopify To Salesforce Data Synchronization”?

    Platform Salesforce
    Industry Electronics
    Country United States

    “Sense” was doing well with the manual process of Shopify to Salesforce Data Synchronization but was lacking in the marketing process for desired growth of the business. So we provided them with the solution “eShopSync for Shopify”. The connector helped them synchronize the data in an automated way, saving time and money.

    About “Sense”

    The goal of “Sense” is to make homes more intelligent and efficient while lowering global carbon emissions. They made it simpler for individuals to look after their homes and take an active role in contributing to a future that is cleaner and more resilient.

    Your house can tell you a lot, and “Sense” is always coming up with new methods to make what’s occurring and being hidden visible. Via Laboratories, they give you a sneak peek at brand-new innovations that can improve your energy efficiency. You can uncover savings by knowing how much energy, when, and where your home is consuming it. “Sense” gives you the resources to analyze it and take appropriate action.

    They lower bills for customers, help suppliers manage demand, operators manage and maintain the network, and bring intelligence to the edge of the grid. Also, their technology enables greater grid control around the globe while lowering household carbon emissions.

    “Sense” assists homeowners in cutting their energy use by 9% on average. Some people make savings of up to 25%. 

    Requirements By “Sense”

    “Sense” raised the requirements to be fulfilled for their business growth:

    Problem Overview

    “Sense” was unable to get the correct data at the right time to target the right customer. They were unable to increase sales as per their business requirements. They required real-time data synchronization and in-depth insights that would lead them to good business growth.

    With these requirements, our Shopify Salesforce connector matches very well so we offered to connect. This helped them to switch from a manual to an automated way to synchronize their data. It also helped them to sync their data on a real-time basis between the platforms.

    Program/Activity Description

    “Sense” linked two platforms using the eShopSync connector and sync the data from Shopify to Salesforce. It eliminates the expense of manual effort through automatic data synchronization which could be further invested in business marketing.


    eShopSync (a brand of Webkul Software) is affiliated with organizations such as AppExchange (Crest) Gold Partner, Registered Salesforce ISV Partner, and Salesforce Ridge (Silver) Consulting Partner.

    Hence, they are skilled in creating these kinds of solutions and offered them to “Sense”.

    Program/Activity Outcomes

    “Sense” focused on the problems and then took our Salesforce Shopify connector as a solution to fix them, which resulted in great outcomes for their business. The outcomes listed here led them to great business growth.


    “Sense” got great outcomes when they synchronized data from Shopify to Salesforce with the help of our connector. For automatic Shopify to Salesforce data synchronization, you can use the connector to take your business to another level.

    For any query, you can write us at [email protected].

    Additional Information

    Make sure to include the following:

    1. Client: Sense
    2. Industry: Consumer Electronics
    3. Websites: Sense

    Shopify to Salesforce data synchronization using “eShopSync for Shopify”. Get it from

    To install the connector we have prepared a user guide to install and set up the connector so you won’t be got stuck in between. 

    Still, if you have any problem then immediately connect with our Certified Salesforce Team to fix it.

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