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    Case Study Gameflix

    Gameflix- How an Israel-based Online Gaming Website Transformed Customer Experience

    Platform Adobe Commerce
    Industry Other
    Country Israel

    Gameflix, the ultimate online gaming platform, welcomes all video game enthusiasts to embark on a thrilling journey of interactive entertainment.

    With effortless accessibility, gamers can conveniently log in to Gameflix and immerse themselves in a diverse collection of both free and paid games.


    Catering to every taste, Gameflix proudly offers a wide array of captivating genres including adventure, action, shooter, racing, sports, and strategy.

    Gameflix provides the convenience of playing games using either a TV remote control or a mobile gamepad app.

    Online Gaming Market in Israel

    The online gaming market in Israel has been growing steadily in recent years. Israelis have shown a strong interest in gaming, and the country has a thriving gaming community.

    The Israeli online gaming market has experienced significant growth, driven by the increasing availability of high-speed internet connections, and the popularity of mobile gaming.

    Israel has a vibrant gaming community, with numerous gaming cafes, forums, and social media groups where gamers connect, share experiences, and organize events.


    The growing online gaming market in Israel presents opportunities for game developers, publishers, esports organizations, and related service providers.

    With a tech-savvy population and a strong interest in gaming, Israel offers a favorable environment for companies looking to enter or expand their presence in the market.

    Webkul Empowers Gameflix with Cutting-Edge Solutions

    Mr. Sharon Malkiel, the founder of Gameflix, was in search of an e-commerce solution. He desired to customize their existing Magento 2 eCommerce store.

    Webkul, an expert e-commerce Magento 2 development company, assembled a dedicated team of skilled professionals to tackle Gameflix’s requirements.

    Webkul’s team conducted in-depth discussions through the UV desk ticket system with Mr. Sharon Malkiel and his team to understand their specific needs, goals, and brand identity.

    Social Login Integration

    Webkul implemented a robust Magento 2 social login system that allowed Gameflix customers to register and log in using their social media accounts. This simplified the registration process, reduced barriers to entry, and improved user engagement.

    Magento 2 Social Login

    The integration of social login functionality simplified the registration and login process for Gameflix customers, resulting in increased user convenience and engagement.

    Video Player Integration

    Webkul integrated a feature-rich Magento 2 video player into the Gameflix platform. This player supported high-definition videos, allowing Gameflix to showcase game trailers, gameplay footage, and promotional content effectively.

    Magento 2 Video player extension.

    The integration of a feature-rich video player allowed Gameflix to showcase high-quality game trailers and gameplay videos. Enhancing user engagement and driving interest in gaming products.

    Advanced SEO Manager Implementation

    Webkul implemented a Magento 2 advanced SEO manager tool into Gameflix’s website. This tool provided comprehensive SEO features, including optimizing meta tags, keywords, URLs, and sitemaps.

    It also facilitated automated SEO audits, allowing Gameflix to continually optimize its website’s search engine visibility and improve organic traffic.

    Google Tag Manager

    Gameflix sought to enhance its analytics capabilities and streamline the process of adding and managing various tracking tags. Such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, through a centralized platform.

    Webkul integrated Magento 2 Google Tag Manager into Gameflix’s website, enabling efficient management and deployment of various tracking tags.

    This centralization streamlined the process of adding, editing, and managing tags, leading to improved analytics, better data tracking, and enhanced marketing campaigns.

    Subscription Plan Customization

    The client desired a personalized solution that would allow their customers to effortlessly purchase subscription-based services. This subscription would grant customers access to a curated collection of premium games for their enjoyment.

    Game plan customization

    The customization has been successfully implemented by the Webkul team. Enabling Gameflix customers to effortlessly access and browse the available plans and game titles, as well as conveniently purchase and play them.

    Remark At End

    Webkul empowered Gameflix with these cutting-edge solutions. Resulting in improved user convenience, engagement, search engine visibility, and analytics capabilities, thereby enhancing Gameflix’s e-commerce store.

    Excellent service for AWS Speed and Security Optimization, S3 external storage and much more.
    Mr. Sharon Malkiel
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