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Case Study Heart of Automation UAE

Heart of Automation: UAE Pioneering in eCommerce with WooCommerce eBay Connector

Platform WooCommerce
Industry Technology
Country United Arab Emirates

Heart of Automation has been a major player in the automation industry known for cutting-edge technology and unmatched performance.

They specialize in industrial automation and motion control and also provide tools and equipment for test, measurement, and inspection purposes.

With an impressive catalog providing for business and industrial, networking, consumer electronics, computers, tablets and video consoles, and more.


Specializing in renowned brands like Siemens, G.E., Schneider, and Emerson, their catalog stands at the forefront of industrial solutions.

They had an online store and a WooCommerce store. They wanted a tool that could help them manage both of their stores at the same time and increase their efficiency.

While looking for products for their business they came across the WooCommerce eBay Connector plugin via organic search, so they reached out to Webkul’s WooCommerce Development Services.

They also helped them connect their website to their eBay store with the help of Webkul WooCommerce eBay Connector.

Automation eCommerce in UAE

The Mordor Intelligence Report estimates that the size of the UAE Industrial Automation Market will be USD 4.93 billion in 2024. By 2029, it is anticipated to reach USD 7.43 billion.

During the forecast period 2024-2029, a growth rate of 7.10% is expected for the market.

Highlighting the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030, the UAE Government aims to double the contribution of industrial manufacturing to the country’s GDP to 25%.

Problem Statement

Heart of Automation has been in the automation industry and has been selling on eBay since 2018, offering a vast 4400+ products with an impressive 98.5% positive feedback.

They are also selling identical products on their WooCommerce store side by side.

Handling both a WooCommerce store and an eBay store became a hassle because of the manual effort needed to update product listings on both platforms.

This caused issues with pricing, inventory, and product details, resulting in possible sales loss and customer dissatisfaction.

Solution – WooCommerce eBay Connector

To overcome the above-mentioned problem statement, House of Automation opted to use the WooCommerce eBay Connector plugin.

As depicted below, House of Automation has this product in its WooCommerce store.


The same product is available in their eBay store as well.


The plugin ensures smooth two-way integration between products on their WooCommerce and eBay stores, facilitating real-time synchronization of product data and categories.

Product Description at WooCommerce Store

The image below shows the Product Description at WooCommerce Store.

Product Description at eBay Store

The image below shows the Product Description at eBay Store

Highlighted below are the essential features that assisted the House of Automation in streamlining its e-commerce operations between the two platforms:

Category Mapping

Heart of Automation believed that because the two stores had separate product catalogs, there were issues with product categorization in both.


By providing category mapping between WooCommerce and eBay stores, the plugin makes it possible to list products on both marketplaces.

Product Export and Listing

Heart of Automation intended to automate the entire listing process on both platforms.

They believed that listing identical products in two different stores takes a lot of time and occasionally leads to mistakes.


The plug-in automates the entire listing process and saves time also maintaining the accuracy of product information on both platforms.

Manage Product Import

Heart of Automation used this plug-in to synchronize the products between the two stores.


The plug-in can be used to import products from eBay into a WooCommerce store when they are listed there.

Therefore, this will create temporary product data and store it in the WooCommerce store.

Manage Orders

Heart of Automation desired to have a single location for all product orders.

The administrator requested that the plugin import the order details from eBay into their Woocommerce store.


The plugin imports the eBay orders into the Woocommerce store after choosing them based on a specified time frame.

Add Price Rule

Heart of Automation wanted that with plug-in the store admin can add price rules for WooCommerce products.

To add the price rule for the import or export of any product, the administrator only needs to input the information.

The data must be the Product price range, Operation type, Rules, Status, and Application.

Product Synchronization

The plugin made sure that there was continuous updating of product information In real-time operation, between WooCommerce and eBay.

As a result, the prevention of issues like selling out or overstocking reduced customer complaints for Heart of Automation.


The plugin has led to a significant transformation in Heart of Automation’s e-commerce routine.

The continuous synchronization of product data between WooCommerce and eBay ensures a consistent and accurate representation on both platforms.

The WooCommerce eBay Connector helps Heart of Automation to set default payment and shipping details for exports, reducing the manual workload on eBay.

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