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    Connector works great. Support is good, reaction times are fast and support is thorough.

    Sebastiaan Brouwers
    Sebastiaan Brouwers E-commerce Manager

    IT & Services

    This is an excellent connector with standard configuration, they help us to configure and check the issue with our particular configuration and resolve some of this.

    Alessandro Scavella
    Alessandro Scavella Co-founder
    United States

    Fashion & Apparel

    This connector is amazing, does everything I need it to do. I am using it to send single product (non-bundles) data to Shopify. The documentation is a little light, but support is A+, and usually answers within a couple of hours.

    Isaac Montaine
    Isaac Montaine VP Product & SEO

    IT & Services

    Quick response. Good service. Like it a lot. Helped me a lot with their support on installing a connector between Akeneo and Magento 2.

    Harry Glatz
    Harry Glatz TYPO3 CMS Certified Consultant


    We had an issue with the Magento 2 Akeneo Connector. I raised a ticket and within a few minutes there was already a response..They helped me very good, response was quickly and good and they even fixed the Akeneo installation!

    Ton Schmitz
    Ton Schmitz Manager ICT

    IT & Services

    Excellent support and very responsive to our questions. Akeneo to Magento 2 Plugin works great and was just what we needed. Webkul is a professional party to work with.

    Paul van den Bosch
    Paul van den Bosch CTO & Co-founder


    Webkul offers great support and takes their time to understand and assist with the situation, even when you didn't purchase their product yet. Their extensions are working great and affordable.

    Stefan Riksten
    Stefan Riksten Full Stack Web Developer & ICT Manager

    Webkul has been very patient and worked to accommodate my needs. With everything new, there is a lot of learning. Webkul support has been there all the way. I would recommend Webkul.

    Steven Wilson
    Steven Wilson Founder

    IT & Services

    Very useful software. Very smart and forward-thinking. Good support that always helps. Great custom jobs that add good value to our project. They do take the extra mile in order to help.

    Sotir Kostadinov
    Sotir Kostadinov Founder


    Webkul service is excellent they can communicate anywhere in the world, loves their services!

    Mohammed Elias
    Mohammed Elias Director

    IT & Services

    We are using several multi-vendor extensions made by Webkul and their extension works very well I have been working with them for more than a year.

    Yasuhiko Samejima
    Yasuhiko Samejima Project Strategist


    Multi-vendor extension for Magento works very well. Customized API made on demand very quickly. Thank you!

    Lucia Tudose
    Lucia Tudose Senior Specialist

    Easy to use intuitive interface that captures supplier requirements and great support from Webkul.

    Mohammed Kettaneh
    Mohammed Kettaneh Project Manager


    This Magento 2 Marketplace Module is incredible, very much easy to customize and really loading very fast. In addition, the technical support by Webkul is excellent, attention is fast and very professional. I am extremely happy with the support.

    Akm Jamal Uddin
    Akm Jamal Uddin CEO


    One of the amazing support I ever found inside Prestashop addons. I recommend this module to everybody.

    Enrico Casadei
    Enrico Casadei Webmaster

    Fashion and Apparel

    The support was very helpful and they resolve all my different queries in a few days. The average response time is less than 1 business day. The item is really good itself. I recommend it.

    Sem Djeguede
    Sem Djeguede Founder and CEO


    We had lately a very good experience with Webkul Support and Development team! They were very helpful, supportive, and they did their best to satisfy our requests. Me and my team do highly appreciate their professionalism, dedication, and commitment.

    Rami Alabbady
    Rami Alabbady Supply Chain Director


    Really good plugin and absolutely awesome customer support! The team helped me solve my problems in the blink of an eye :) Big thank you!

    Ewelina Wachowiak
    Ewelina Wachowiak Owner


    Excellent service from the Webkul Team, I would recommend to anyone. I love working with Webkul.

    Maurice Sawyers
    Maurice Sawyers CEO & Founder
    New Zealand

    I have tried a few different multi vendors and although this one didn't fit my needs perfectly the outstanding support service and attitude from Webkul makes me 100% happy. I've already purchased 2 more extensions and plan on being a loyal client.

    Carolyn Hogg
    Carolyn Hogg Founder
    Saudi Arabia

    Household Products

    The support is perfect and very fast.

    Sakhr M Rashed
    Sakhr M Rashed Web Developer
    United States

    Fashion and Apparel

    Webkul has been very practical and helpful, giving us wings to get to the next level in building our ecommerce business. Thank you Webkul for being ultimately responsive with quality care and service.

    J. Patrick Morgan
    J. Patrick Morgan Founder & Developer

    Fashion and Apparel

    It's a very good team and very good application.

    Abdalhady Aldwaek
    Abdalhady Aldwaek Managing Director & Co-Founder
    Saudi Arabia


    Best Opencart Apps, it is the best Opencart mobile application especially compatibility, design and features.

    Anass (M) Habrah
    Anass (M) Habrah Ecommerce Manager
    United States


    I been using Webkul services for almost a year now. They are very professional and knowledgeable people. Always deliver on time and if needed will go out of way to help me out. It's always a pleasure to work with them on new projects.

    Babar Nawaz
    Babar Nawaz CEO
    Dominican Republic


    We had a special application for a pos module that Webkul developed and contacted deference and tech support they quickly understood our needs and provided us with a very powerful solution very quickly that worked perfectly the first time we can’t recommend Webkul highly enough.

    Robert Cooper
    Robert Cooper CEO

    IT & Services

    Good customer support provided by the team.

    Zhiguan Huang
    Zhiguan Huang Software Developer
    United Kingdom


    They try very hard to offer the best support and help to make progress in all tasks and issues. Polite and efficient too.

    Leanne Harvey
    Leanne Harvey Founder


    Very accommodating support team. Thanks Adarsh and Avneesh. They can resolve the issues for a very minimal amount of time.

    Hilbert Gutierrez
    Hilbert Gutierrez Web Developer Lead


    Best of all is that Webkul's team is always happy to answer all of my questions quickly, even when I know they are on the other side of the world in a different time zone and even when they know that I am not a developer.

    Benjamin Montevilla
    Benjamin Montevilla Founder & CEO

    IT & Services

    Always a pleasure using Webkul as solution for Magento extensions. Customer service is top-notch and always have the right answers for the questions.

    Garry Arif
    Garry Arif Managing Director

    Webkul is impressive. I purchased Magento Mobile solution for Android and iOS. The apps are developed in a very professional way using the newest technologies.

    Mohammad Y Hammadi
    Mohammad Y Hammadi Web Developer

    Webkul is a proven value! I have been using Webkul services for several years. Their work is excellent. There are undoubtedly professionals in the Webkul team. You can trust.

    Sandis Dzintars
    Sandis Dzintars Owner


    Mobikul team was giving us great products and service, they always understand the requirements we need and give us full support in any issue we are faced. With the app they build, our company can now serve our customers with a good online shopping experience than ever been. Thanks, Mobikul for these 2 years of professional service.

    Darsono Koh
    Darsono Koh Business Onwer

    IT & Services

    Excellent service and help with our data migration. From magento to Akeneo and from Akeneo to Shopware.

    Johan Moormann
    Johan Moormann Director


    We got this as we had several 1000 products to sync and this worked perfectly, when we had a problem they help solve it even tho the problem was not directly with the addon. Furthermore we had some special requirements which they help us with within the timeline needed and without any problem!

    Michael Wendel
    Michael Wendel CTO/Produkt Specialist

    IT & Services

    We bought the WooCommerce Connector for Akeneo from Webkul and had some issues in the setup process, We contacted Webkul support and they replied and helped us out the very same day.

    Lennart Ballegoij
    Lennart Ballegoij Backend Developer

    IT & Services

    Though it was difficult at first to explain the problem and get a clear response, once it was made clear they resolved it in a pretty short amount of time. Great support, great reactivity. I recommend.

    Michaël Merzeau
    Michaël Merzeau Chef de projet technique / Lead Développeur


    Webkul has very high-quality plugins and services, AWS load balancing one of them. If you have any problems, the support team helps immediately. We use more than 10 Webkul plugins in our system.

    Hakan ÖRCÜN
    Hakan ÖRCÜN Business Innovation & Strategy Manager

    Media & Entertainment

    Excellent service for AWS Speed and Security Optimization, S3 external storage and much more.

    Sharon Malkiel
    Sharon Malkiel Founder

    Health & Wellness

    It works now, very happy, Webkul is always willing to help wherever they need to, their customer service is out of this world.

    Alain Stout
    Alain Stout CEO

    IT & Services

    Webkul comes with all the features that require to support and run an online multi-vendor marketplace website.

    Haribabu Ecommerce Consultant

    IT & Services

    Greet Apps, It works very well for us and reduced cost and are compatible with iOS and Android.

    Mohammed Saeed
    Mohammed Saeed Senior Odoo Techno-Functional Consultant


    We endeavoured to re-platform our existing site and Webkul has been playing an integral part as far as transforming our basic Magneto instance into an online marketplace.

    Alex Maranduik
    Alex Maranduik Director, Marketing


    Very good service from Webkul. Bought an extension from Webkul. The support team explained everything in detail. Thank you Webkul.

    Juan Alberto Garcia Paredes
    Juan Alberto Garcia Paredes Landscaper

    Fashion & Apparel

    A great team with sound technical skills A great team! Very effective, innovative and the technical support is very good.

    Hugo Campos Vazquez
    Hugo Campos Vazquez Web Designer


    Fantastic module and amazing support if customizations are required. Top-level coders and customer care personnel: professional people, fast response, totally knowledgeable. I would recommend Webkul.

    Carles Prats
    Carles Prats Company Owner

    IT & Services

    All of my issues have got 100% attention and all of them have been fixed on time Even if the issue is related to any of the third-party services the Webkul team has been on top to provide a detailed report about it.

    Vasik Bukhari
    Vasik Bukhari Engineer - Team Lead

    Non-profit & Govt.

    I have tested and used Webkul Marketplace extension for years under Odoo and now recently also deployed it under Magento 2 and I have to say that not only the code is responsive but also the team :-) Working hard and politely on my little nerdy requests, bug fixing and customization.

    Mohamed Es Fih
    Mohamed Es Fih eSolutions for Business Adviser


    We have a few customized modules we are very happy with. The work is done impressively quickly as well, considering the timezone difference. Would definitely recommend it.

    Randy Fournier
    Randy Fournier Jr. Programmer


    Finally found this plugin to assign custom attributes to vendor to manage by themselves. Simply update the config of attribute mapping then vendor could have related attribute to set in product edit/create form. Work as charm, great job.

    Casper Wang
    Casper Wang Director of Development


    The Virtual Try On is a very useful simple add on allowing our customers to see themselves in new glasses. The Webkul support team was very helpful and made fine adjustments quickly to adapt to our needs. Very good communication! Recommend.

    Filip Malenka
    Filip Malenka CEO


    Been working with Webkul for a while now for different Akeneo and Magento 2 customization. They always deliver in a timely manner, quick to respond to tech tickets and provide excellent support. Will definitely continue working with them in the future.

    Oded Keret
    Oded Keret Development & Online Operations Manager
    United States

    IT & Services

    Great solution and the techs are very knowledgeable and helpful. Especially Nishi and Abhishek.

    Ann Beattie
    Ann Beattie Senior Salesforce Consultant

    Health & Wellness

    Amazing customer support! I worked closely with one agent called Vihana and cannot be more thankful. After answering every single question and even involving their developer in the integration of our app, they made sure all is well and running smoothly!

    Françoise Naaman
    Françoise Naaman Education Department Manager


    I really appreciate the quality of support they are very helpful I recommended this powerful module best solution with excellent support.

    Rzouga Aloui
    Rzouga Aloui Manager

    Hire on-demand project developers and turn your idea into reality

    Finally found this plugin to assign custom attributes to vendor to manage by themselves. Simply update the config of attribute mapping then vendor could have related attribute to set in product edit/create form. Work as charm, great job.
    Casper Wang
    Director of Development
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