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Update your lean IT process to DevOps for faster workflow

Why DevOps?

In traditional software development waterfall model, first developer team collect the analytics and set the roots for new features or make the tweaks for the reported bugs collected by the quality assurance team. Once development team is over with their build, the build is tested by the quality analysts and then finally the operations team deploy it into the production environment.

We can just see, how clumsy the waterfall dev process is and it enforces the teams to build and ship as huge components as if every other tweak will be shipped quickly, there are more chances of getting the system drowned. Every stage is a silo, hence the updates and features take too long to be deployed into the production stage which makes the business and customers to fall.

DevOps is a standardized practice which focuses on automating the processes for both the software development and operation teams. DevOps is created on the top of the collaborative environment which helps to deliver the software at a faster pace, resolving bugs with a blaze and deploying code from build to production mode quickly with a uniform architecture.

DevOps helps to operate and monitor the performance of the system with the help of unified tools and technologies.

DevOps creates a tighter integration among different teams to make the development and operations teams agiler and faster. It includes the core concept of agile methodology like Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery, Automated Testing and shipping chunks of code instead of creating huge code blocks or components.

Such an architecture helps all the teams to act in a more efficient way and stay very productive; assuring 99.9% uptime to the end users.

You can adapt DevOps practice to let your teams collaborate and deliver better with the faster development and quick operations.

We at Webkul are here with the perks of Platform as a Service (PAAS) along with code as an infrastructure to fasten up your dev process and help you to scale up both your business and customers.

If you are looking out for DevOps integration or digging into it, Drop us an email and we will get back to you.

Do you need something else?

We have pioneered and created the cost-friendly tools and extensions which generally have plug and play behavior which saves your time and keeps you on top of the productivity.

If you have any particular project or app requirement, you can reach us anytime with a small brief and We’ll get back to you.

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