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    X-Cart Facebook Wall Feed

    X-Cart Facebook Wall feed will grab your facebook wall post automatically You can display feed of the posts on your Facebook page or profile or group on your website. Just put your facebook AccountID or facebook account name with access token. That’s it

    Facebook Wall feeds
    Facebook Wall feeds



    ★ All browser compatible(IE7+,FF,Chrome etc)

    ★ Graph API usage

    ★ Fast Loading and Sleek

    ★ Tons of other options

    ★ Easy CSS

    ★ Manage hight and width in module admin

    ★ Post Selection

    ★ Show/Hide Comments

    ★ Show/Hide Images in the post

    ★ Now you can grab the feeds of your group page too .

    ★ Facebook Likebox Inluded

    ★ Show/Hide Guest Entries

    ★ Mountain lion Style Scroll

    How to use:  X-Cart facebook wall feeds is very easy to use ,you just need to get following things:

    1. App id .

    2. Client secret .

    3. Access token .

    4 . User id .

    5 . Custom page/group id .

    Step 1: To get app id,client secret,access token GO TO this link and read the documents carefully .

    Step 2. Now fill all the backend parameters as per your requirements and Save the module.

    Module Configuration Settings 

    X-Cart Facebook Wall Feed


    Module Display Settings 

    X-Cart Facebook Wall Feed

    X-Cart Facebook Wall feeds frontend :

    X-Cart Facebook Wall Feeds

    Important Notice*

    If you want to get the feeds or post of the Facebook page or group then you can use any valid access token.

    But if you want to get the feeds or post of the Facebook profile then you generate access token of that particular Facebook account user other access token is not work on the Facebook profile. So when you want to get your personal feeds or post you need to generate access token by your account.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

    That’s it Enjoy the awesome module in your web site.

    For any query or doubt feel free to contact us:

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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