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Joomla WebSite Tour Guide

Joomla Website Tour Guide

By using this plugin an admin can add website tour guide to their Joomla Site. It gives the complete guide and provides steps about using the pages of the website to visitors. With the help of this plugin, visitors can easily explore each page of your website by following the steps given in the user guide. This helps you to create a smooth tour of your site. This is extremely flexible and allows you to take control of how people interact with your website tour.


  • Provide Smooth tour of the website through the User guide.
  • Add multiple tour steps as per the requirement to the User guide.
  • Easy navigation option to navigate between steps.
  • Option to hide the User guide bar for a better view.
  • Option of various themes on which Tour Guide can be implemented.
  • All browser compatible(IE7+,FF,Chrome etc).
  • Mobile responsive.
  • Easy to configure and manage.

Video Tutorial

Flow Of Installation and Configuration

Step1: Go to “Extension” then “Manage” and click on “Install”. Here Drag and drop the zip file of “Website Tour Guide” OR you can upload the file from your system.

Step2: Go to “Extension” and click “Plugin”. Now enable “Website Tour Guide”.

Step3: Click on the plugin and configure its settings.

  1. Menu Item: Select the menu item which you want to show your tour on. (Here you can select a menu item from the drop-down list on which you want to show tour. eg. I have taken the menu item “Website Tour Guide” to my Joomla site in order to show tour on. For creating menu items go to “Menu” and click “All Menu Items” and add a new menu item).
  2. Tour Title: Enter the Title of the Tour.
  3. Page Caption: Enter the Page Caption which will be displayed on Tour Guide Button.
  4. Theme: Set the theme to implement the Tour Guide.
  5. Tour Steps: On clicking plus button enter the following fields and click “Save”.
  • Placement: Select the placement of the Tour guide modal as “Top”, “Bottom”, “Left” OR “Right”.
  • Element Selector: Select the type of the Element Selector as “Class” OR “ID”.
  • Selector Value: Enter the Selector value with respect to the “Element Selector”.
  • Step Content: Write the content of Tour step.

Front End View

This is the beginning of your website tour. Click “Start Tour” to start the tour of your website.

After clicking “Start Tour”, visitors will be redirected to the Page. This is the first step of the tour. A user can view the navigation key to navigate to the previous and next step. It also provides the functionality to hide the User guide bar and navigation link so a user can view the page in a better way.

After hiding the “User guide bar”, the complete page view will be displayed as given in screenshot.

On clicking next icon, visitors moved to step2 which is the description of Website Tour Guide.

Next is the User guide step3 which covers the Features.

In this way, you can set a Tour guide to your Joomla site.


That’s all for the Joomla Website Tour Guide still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the plugin better

Current Product Version - 2.0

Supported Framework Version - Joomla 3.x

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  • A C
    The plugin I received looks completely different from the Website Tour Guide plugin described here in your documentation. I cannot use the product that I received.
    • Gautam Bagchi

      I would like to inform you that we have already received your ticket regarding the issue, I can assure you that you will get support over our official support system. So, please communicate over there.

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