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Product display is the essence of your website, hence let your buyers differentiate products according to their convenience. This module allows them to manage with the products sorting. It gives them an opportunity to find products as per their priority. Products can be arranged easily in an ascending or descending order as per the customer priority for popularity,


  • Add a new user interface to your odoo website
  • Make product classification easier for your website customers
  • Classification option can be configured from the backend
  • Sorting feature is fully customizable as per the website owner requirements.
  • Users can now shop by products, category and brand differentiation.
  • Sorting makes customer shop easier and faster.
  • There can be multiple combinations of sorting criteria.


Create attributes for website sorting

Under sales > Go to Website sorting > Select Website sorting attributes

Sample attribute creation form

While creating attributes you can select the order style, whether it will be in ascending order or descending order.

Add attributes for sortby and shopby

Add attributes created in the previous step.

Enable or disable sortby / shopyby functionality

Under customization option of admin website, admin can enable or disable category and brand description, product refine or shop by product option.

Active custom option to Shopy by brands

When shop by brands option is selected then


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Current Product Version -

Supported Framework Version - Odoo V8 / V9

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