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    Twitter Keys and Access Token

    Updated 8 October 2013

    Twitter Keys and Access Token –


    This post is about how to get twitter keys and access token.These are mandatory fields in various module so here we are going to illustrate how to get these –

    These are steps –

    1. Create a Developer Account: Set yourself up a Developer account on Twitter

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    You need to visit the official Twitter developer site and register for a developer account. This is a free and necessary step to make requests for the v1.1 API.

    2. Create an Application: Create an Application on the twitter dev site What? You thought you could make unauthenticated requests? Not with Twitter’s v1.1 API. You need to visit and click the “Create Application” button.


    On this page, fill in whatever details you want. For me, it didn’t matter because I just wanted to make a load of block requests to get rid of spam followers. The point is you are going to get yourself a set of unique keys to use for your application.

    So, the point of creating an application is to give yourself (and twitter) a set of keys. These are:

    • The consumer key
    • The consumer secret
    • The access token
    • The access token secret

    There’s a little bit of information here on what these tokens for.

    3. Create Access Tokens: You’ll need these to make successful requests

    OAuth requests a few tokens. So you need to have them generated for you.


    Click “create my access token” at the bottom, then once you scroll to the bottom again, you’ll have some newly generated keys. You need to grab the four previously labelled keys from this page for your API calls, so make a note of them somewhere.

    4. Change Access Level: You don’t want read-only, do you?

    If you want to make any decent use of this API, you’ll need to change your settings to Read & Write if you’re doing anything other than standard data retrieval using GET requests.


    Choose the “Settings” tab near the top of the page.


    Here Your all setting of parameters:


    All of those information are very much self explanatory still have any doubt please add a support ticket  .

    . . .

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