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    Joomla Simple Hover Effect Plugin

    Joomla Simple Hover Effect Plugin
    This splendid extension creates effects on images. It helps to create neat hover effects to show and hide image descriptions.


    • Compatible with all modern browser.
    • Well integrated with admin end.
    • The article description is viewed once image is being hovered.
    • Various jquery animation effect can be set.
    • Option of article pop-up is provided.


    • Width of pop-up can be set in pixel and percentage.
    • The functionality of pop-up is fully configurable.

    Simple Hover Effect Supported Joomla

    Simple Hover Effect is working in the Joomla version

    • Joomla 3.x

    Simple Hover Effect Configuration

    When you will download the Joomla Simple Hover Effect you will get one zip file ( unzip and use it.

    After unzip you will get the ( Simple_Hover_Effect.pdf ) file then read it carefully and follow it

    Step 1: Go to the Extension manager and browse the simplehovereffect zip file first and then upload and install:-

    Step 2: Go to the plugin manager manager. Both system and button plugin get enable automatically.

    Step 3: Set the parameters as shown below:

    • Set the x and y offset.
    • Select the menu id type and enter the ids using comma.
    • Set the popup width in pixel or percentage.
    • Select the position of pop-up.
    • Enter the word limit of articles that will be displayed during pop-up.
    • Click “Yes” to allow display of image description.

    How To Use:
    goto you article manager and add new article then click on simple hover effect button in editor.

    Step2:Select the option to add the hover effect

      • On small image
      • On link

    Select the options shown below in the snapshot for “what you want to show on hover”.

    To add hover on image please follow the steps shown below

        • Add the small image path and link.
        • Enter the path of big image.
        • Write the description of image.
        • Select the effect type.

    To add hover for “Article” set the parameters as shown below.

        • Set the small image path.
        • Enter the link of image to re-direct.
        • Enter the Article id.
        • Set the effect type.

    One popup will be appear with various options.

    I:-You can set image for hover.
    II:-You can set article id to a link when you will hover in front end on this link it will show contents of that article


    View of frontend


    That’s all for the Simple Hover Effect for Joomla, still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

    Current Product Version - 3.2

    Supported Framework Version - Joomla 3.x

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