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    Seller Tags & Categories: Multi-Vendor Marketplace for Shopify

    Updated 23 July 2020

    The Multivendor Marketplace App for Shopify is up with another most requested add-on by the name Seller Tags & Categories.

    Purpose of the app: Using this featured app, the vendors will be able to choose tags & categories for themselves added by the admin. Further, these can be used as filters on the storefront.


    This feature will have an additional charge of USD 5 per month over & above your current Multivendor Marketplace plan.

    Enable the following app by visiting:

    Searching for a Shopify
    Headless solution ?
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    • Multi-Vendor Admin Panel
    • From the Dashboard, hover over the three dots on the top-right of the page
    • Click on Feature Apps
    • Search for the app & click on ‘Enable
    • After accepting the charges, you’ll be good to configure the app!


    The admin needs to visit Multivendor Admin Panel > Configuration > Sellers Configuration. Configure the following tabs as per your requirement:

    • Allow seller to add tags to their account
    • Restrict seller to add tags at the seller signup page
    • Allow seller to add categories to their account
    • Restrict seller to add categories at the seller signup page

    Seller Tags

    Now, to add seller tags, the admin needs to visit Multivendor Admin Panel > Sellers > Seller Tags:


    Further, clicking on Add Tag, the seller tags can be added.


    The seller tag can be deleted, edited or disabled:


    Seller Category

    To add seller category, the admin needs to visit Multivendor Admin Panel > Sellers > Seller Collection:


    Further, the category can be added by clicking on Add Collection:


    Added category can now be delete or edited:


    The admin can add tags and categories for a seller by visiting edit seller page:


    Seller Panel

    The sellers can choose the seller category & seller tags added by the admin by visiting Multivendor Seller Panel > Profile > My Account:


    The seller will get the option to select category & add tags on the seller signup page as well:



    Further, this how the sellers can be filtered based on categories & tags:


    Note: In case you are using Theme 4 for the seller profile page then please check this.

    If you have any issues, please drop an email at [email protected]. You can also create a ticket at  Webkul UV Desk.

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