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    Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify- TAXJAR

    Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify is here with another feature app called “Taxjar” which helps you to calculate sales tax on products automatically.

    With the help of Taxjar, admin can allow their sellers to collect sales tax from the buyers in the state where they have sales tax nexus.

    Sellers will add Nexus address on their end on the basis of which sales tax calculation will be done.

    Important Note:- To make the taxjar feature work, you need to enable MP Checkout feature of the multivendor app.

    Requirements of Taxjar Feature App

    • You need to enter API key to make the taxjar feature work(You will get this API key once you login to your taxjar account).
    • You need to map your store’s collection with the taxjar collection based on which tax will get calculated.
    • Seller on their end needs to add stores nexus address where sales tax calculation will be done.

    Benefits of Taxjar Feature

    • Automatic sales tax calculation.
    • You can collect sales tax from the buyers in the state whose nexus address is registered.
    • Seller will create sales tax nexus by adding nexus store address details.

    How to Activate Taxjar Feature

    To make the Taxjar feature work in your Multivendor App, all you need to do is to enable this feature from the “Feature Apps” section of the App.

    NOTE:-Before this, you need to enable MP checkout feature to make the Taxjar feature work.

    Now, you can enable the Taxjar feature and use it.

    Admin Panel>>Go to the “Feature App” section >>Select “Taxjar”>>Enable it>>Approve charges.

    Once you visit “Feature Apps” section, get “Taxjar” feature and click on “Enable” button.

    This feature app will cost you the additional charges of USD 10 per month over and above your current Multivendor app charges. So, once you agree with this amount, click the approve button to approve the charges.

    In this way, you will get the Taxjar feature installed in your Multivendor App.

    Workflow of the Taxjar

    Once you enable the Taxjar feature in your Multivendor app, admin needs to add some Taxjar related settings in “Tax settings” menu of the “Order” section.

    Also, seller will add Nexus address from his seller panel on the basis of which sales tax calculation will be done.

    Once you complete these settings, you can calculate tax on each order automatically which is visible at the checkout page.

    Admin End

    To make the Taxjar feature work, admin needs to manage the Taxjar related settings on his/her end.

    Follow the procedure for the same:

    Admin Panel>>Visit “Orders” section>>Click “Tax Settings”>>Add your Taxjar related settings here.

    Firslty, admin needs to add the API key to make the automatic tax calculation process work. He will get this API key by login to his Taxjar account.

    Moreover, admin needs to map all the product categories of his/her store with the Taxjar categories. This will help in automatic sales tax calculation on the products mapped with Taxjar categories.

    Once done, click on “Save” buttton to save checkout tax setting details.

    Seller End

    Sellers will add Nexus address on their end on the basis of which automated sales tax calculation will be done.

    Seller needs to visit the order section of seller panel and click “Store Nexus Address” button.

    In this way, Store Nexus Address detail section appears.

    Seller will have the default nexus address in this section as well as the option to add new nexus address.

    Here, seller needs to click on ” Add Address” button and fill the details of the store such as store address, city, its zipcode, country.

    In this way, your seller can add/edit the store Nexus address from this section.



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