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Shopify Multivendor Marketplace- MP Checkout

We have introduced an additional feature in our Shopify multivendor marketplace app which enables the admin to get his/her own customizable Checkout , with multiple Customized payment options as per your need.

Once admin will enable this app he can add checkout payment method from his end. and admin can use his own customizable checkout to accept the payment made by customer.

This app Cost is USD 15 per month which is over and above your current Multivendor Marketplace plan.

Note:-* It is mandatory to select marketplace shipping as default option in order to make our checkout feature work.

Benefits of using Multivendor Checkout :

  • Multivendor Checkout is mandatory to be used with the Subscription feature app.
  • You can use the “Taxjar Feature App
  • No order transaction fees to shopify, the only fees are to be paid to the payment gateway being used.

So lets understand its workflow:-


Firstly enable “Checkout Feature app” by visiting the “Feature Apps” Section by clicking on (…) three dots in main menu.

Once you will click on “Enable” button you need to agree on additional charges which is over and above your current marketplace monthly plan.

Now to use the Checkout feature app firstly you have to configure “Tax settings”, Checkout page settings and need to setup”Payment details” as well .


Admin Panel of MVM app>>Orders>> Tax Settings>>Now sync the tax rates of your Shopify Store so that the same tax rates will be applied on products during checkout.



Admin Panel of MVM app >> Orders>> Checkout Payment Method>>Now here activate the Payment Methods  so that the customer can make the payment during checkout.


Admin Panel  of MVM app >> Orders>> Checkout Settings>>Here configure the Checkout page as per your requirement.

Now click on the”Enable button” to enable the checkout feature for frontend after completing the checkout page settings .

Please refer the below screenshot:-

Apply Discount on Orders Using Multivendor Checkout

Here is an additional feature within the Multivendor checkout called “Discount”. Through this, admin can now enable his customers to apply discount on orders while using Multivendor checkout also.

Firstly the discounts created on Shopify end gets synced to the Multivendor app. And then you can apply these discounts on orders using Multivendor Checkout.

Once you enable this checkout from “Checkout Settings” and activate the “Manage Discount on Order” tab from Order configuration section, you will get the sub menu namely “DISCOUNT” in the “Orders” menu of the Multivendor app.

Admin Panel>>Visit “Configuration” menu>>Go to “Order Configuration”>>Scroll down to get “Manage Discount on Order” tab>>Enable “Manage Discount on Order”>>click on “Save” button.

Once you visit the “Discount” section of the “Order” menu, you first need to grant read_price_rule permission for your shop.

Once the permission is granted to you, you can now syn the created discounts from your Shopify store to Multivendor app.

Now to sync the discounts from Shopify store to the Multivendor app, follow the below procedure:

Multivendor admin Panel>>Visit “Orders” section>>Scroll down and click “Discount”>>Visit the discount section>>Get the “Sync” button in the upper right corner of the page>>Click on “Sync” button>>Select “From” and “To” date and click on “Sync”.

Discounts are synced to your Multivendor app.

Please Note:- If you have made any change in any discount coupon on Shopify end and want to updates this change on your app then you can also do it using “SYNC” button in “Action” menu.

Admin Panel>>Orders>>Discount>>click on (…) of that particular discount>> “SYNC” button in “Action” menu.

Now let’s see how customer use the discount coupons on orders using Multivendor Checkout.

Customer’s Front End View

Once the customer visits the checkout page, he needs to fill his address details. And to apply the discount code on order, he needs to login your account on the same address page.

Now, select the “Marketplace Shipping” as default option to make this feature work.

In this way, customer can place an order using Multivendor Checkout.



Use below link and credentials to use the demo of Shopify multivendor marketplace App:-

Admin Demo Link:-


Password: demowebkul

Seller Demo Link:


Password: webkul123


So that’s all for Shopify multivendor marketplace Checkout feature app and if you will come across any question or issue, please raise a ticket a or send us a mail at
. . .


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