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    Prestashop OpenERP Bridge Multi-Shop Extension

    Prestashop OpenERP Bridge Multi-Shop Extension:  If you are running multiple stores in Prestashop and you want to manage these multiple stores in openERP as well, then Prestashop OpenERP Bridge Multi-Shop Extension is the right product for you.

    Main Features:

    • It also manages multiple warehouses for different shops in openERP, if configured.
    • It manages sales orders according to the shops.
    • It also manages stocks of product’s, according to their shops in openERP

    Installation Process:


    Prestashop OpenERP Bridge Multi-Shop Extension depends upon our Prestashop OpenERP Bridge (POB) Base module. You need to install it before you can use the Multi-Shop extension module.

    After purchasing the module you will get a zip file which will contain a file named “” and a directory named “prestashop_bridge_multishop”. All our modules support standard installation procedure on Prestashop and OpenERP.

    1. Installation on Prestashop:

    Log in to your Prestashop backend, then go to menu “modules” and click on “Add Module”, upload the zip file of “prestaerpmultishop” module and install it.

    2. Installation on OpenERP:

    You just need to copy the “prestashop_bridge_multishop” module into your openERP addons directory. Path of openERP directory will depend on your openERP installation. Now Login to your OpenERP account

    • Then Go to setting menu and click on Update Module List.
    • Then click on installed modules and remove the ‘installed’ filter, you will get the module into the list and then install it.

    Working of Module:

    After successfully installing the module, you will find a new menu “Shop” getting appended to “OpeERP Mapping” menu. In this menu you have two buttons  “Synchronize” and “Add New”.

    Synchronizing Shops:

    If you do not have multiple shops created in openERP, clicking the “Synchronize” button will export you shops to openERP ie. it will create shops in openERP.

    Manually Mapping Shops:

    If you already have multiple shops on openERP, and you do not want to create a new shop, then you can manually map them. Click on the “Add New” button and select the shops you want to map from the drop down menu.

    View of Orders :

    Once you  are done with synchronization of shops you are ready to export orders according to shops. Suppose you have placed two orders from First Shop and two orders from Second Shop, then the view of your orders in Prestashop and Openerp will be like:

    In Prestashop:

    In OpenERP:


    Now just order from different-different Prestashop store, during order module will take care of those stores with corresponding OpenERP shops.

    For any further assistance or query, please raise a ticket at our Ticket Support System.

    Current Product Version - 1.0.0

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