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Prestashop Openerp Bridge Multi-Language Extension

Prestashop Openerp Bridge Multi-Language is an extension module for our Prestashop Openerp/Odoo Bridge(POB) Base module. Prestashop Openerp/Odoo Bridge(POB) Base module provides facility to export update data between Prestashop and Odoo/OpenErp in only one language. It is an useful extension for those who are operating Prestahsop and/or Odoo/OpenErp in multiple languages. If you are already running Prestashop Openerp/Odoo Bridge(POB) Base module and and you want the export of product’s, categorie’s, attribute’s translations to be exported and updated between Odoo/openErp and Prestashop in multiple languages, then “POB Multi-Language Extension” is the right product for you.

Main Features:

  • It allows you to export/update all the translations of products and categories, attributes and their values like name, description, etc. in multiple languages from OpenERP/Odoo to Prestashop and vice-versa.
  • Also compatible with the latest version of Prestahop 1.6.x and OpenERP 7, Odoo 8.



Prestashop OpenErp/Odoo Bridge(POB) Base module must be installed in OpenERP/Odoo and Prestashop.

After downloading you will get a zip file which will consist of two modules. One named “pob_extension_multilang” which the OpenERP/Odoo module and the other will be a zip file named “prestaerpmultilang” which is the Prestashop module. Our module support standard installation procedure for both Prestahop and OpenERP/o.

Installation on prestashop:

Go to menu “modules” and click on “Add Module”, upload the zip file of “prestaerpmultilang” module and install it.

Installation on OpenERP:

You just need to copy the module into your openERP addons directory. Path of openERP directory will depend on your openERP installation.

Now Login to your OpenERP account

  • Then Go to setting menu and click on Update Module List.
  • Then click on installed modules and remove the ‘installed’ filter, you will get the module into the list and then install it.

Configuring the module:

Once the installation is done you need to configure the module for language of your choice.  To configure  go to the “PrestaShop-Bridge” and click on the newly added menu “Language Mapping”. Now map the language of your choice for OpenERP and for Prestashop from the options available in drop down menu. For example if you want French translations to be synchronized, then select French as “Prestashop’s Language” and French as well for “Openerp’s Language”. You can map the languages from prestashop’s end as well.  You also need to set “Multi- Language” on in the “OpenERP Configuration”  menu at Prestashop’s admin panel. Once the configuration is done you are ready to use the module.

Using the module:

There will be no addition of any extra buttons or menu to synchronize products and categories from openERP, while there will be noticeable changes in Prestashop. You can sync the products and categories from the same buttons which is being used to sync products and categories before the installation of Multi-Language Extension Module from openERP.

Synchronization from OpenERP:

Product Synchronization:

In the “PrestaShop-Bridge” menu, you will get “Synchronize Now” menu. Click on it and you will get some synchronization option. To Export the products click on “Export Products” button and will successfully sync all newly added products in openERP to Prestashop. To update the products which are already synchronized with Prestashop, click on “Update Products” button.

Category Synchronization:

In the “Synchronize Now” menu you also get two more buttons for exporting and updating categories. Click on “Export Categories”  button to export categories to prestashop and click on “Update Categories” to update the categories which have been synchronized with Prestashop.

Synchronization from Prestashop:

After the installation of Multi Language module there will be addition of  a field named “Translation State” in Product’s and Category’s mapping table. It will show “TO_TRANSLATE” if products and categories are synchronized with openERP, but their translations are not exported to openERP, and it will show “translated” once the translations will be exported to openERP.

Product and Category  Synchronization:

To export translation of  the product and categories to openERP you just need to click the “Export Translation” button  available in the “Language” menu. Check screenshots below for more information.



Prestashop Openerp Bridge Multi-Language is a useful module as it reduces your manual labour, if you have done translation of products and categories on either OpenERP or on Prestashop instance, you do not need to redo it again on other instance. You can simply export translations from one end to other.

For any further assistance or query, please raise a ticket at our Ticket Support System.

Current Product Version - 1.0.0

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