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    POB: Discount on Products

    POB Discount on Products:  If you are providing special discounts on your Prestashop based e-commerce store and you wish to export these discounts to Odoo as well, so that you may also provide these discounts in your Odoo sales and vice versa. Then, “POB – Discount on Products” is the right product for you.


    • It allows you to export the special discounts available on Prestashop’s product to Odoo.
    • The special price can be used in Odoo for normal Sales or in ‘Point of Sale’ in Odoo.
    • It also allows you to export or modify discount from Odoo to Prestashop.


    The  “POB Discount On Product” is composed of one module for Odoo named ‘pob_discount_pricelist’ and one module for Prestashop named ‘prestaerpproductdiscount‘. So, you need to install both modules at Odoo as well as Prestashop.

    Installation on Odoo:

    Place “pob_discount_pricelist” in your Odoo addons directory. Then Update Apps List and search in the top right search field for keyword ‘pob_discount_pricelist’ (“Apps” filter must be removed). You will find the modules ‘pob_discount_pricelist’,  now click on install to install it.

    Installation on Prestashop:

    To install the module, you just need to login to your Prestashop’s admin panel, then go to ‘Modules’->’Modules and Service’. Here, click on the ‘Upload a Module’ button and upload the zip file of the module ‘prestaerpproductdiscount’, after this, click on the install button to install the module.

    After successful installation, you need to configure the module for naming the pricelist and selecting the currency of pricelist, before you can export the special prices of the products from Prestashop to Odoo.



    After successful installation of the module, you will have to click on configure to go to the configuration page. Here you need to fill/select:

    • The name of Pricelist which will be created for exporting the product’s discount.
    • Prestashop Shop(for the specific price rule).
    • Currency for the specific price rule combination.
    • Country/All countries.

    After selecting all the details, click on the “Update Settings” button and the configurations will be saved.

    NOTE: Please note that once you have configured the module and already exported specific prices for products, you will not be able to modify the configuration.

    After configuring,  Please provide full permission to Discount on Product in Web Services.


    After module installation, provide access permission to module pob_discount_pricelist.

    For providing access permission, go to Settings->Users > select user and then set permission for the module for that user.



    After successful configuration, you can now move on to export the specific prices of products from Prestashop to Odoo. For this go to menu ‘Odoo Mapping’. Here you will find a new menu named ‘Discount Pricelist’. Click on it and you will get a page similar to this.

    When you click on the Synchronize button, it will create a pricelist on Odoo according to the customer groups of the specific price.

    Once you have synchronized then you will observe pricelists are created at Odoo end.

    If you open pricelists at Odoo end then you will see all the discount information regarding product has been synced PrestaShop.

    If you want to create or update specific price from aodoo to PrestaShop then simply create a new pricelist item or modify existing pricelist item under respective pricelist.

    After Modifying the discount of product, Click on “Export Pricelist”  and It will export as well as update specific price.


    POB – Discount on Products is an awesome product for those who are selling products at both Prestashop and Odoo ends. With this module, you can export the special prices of the products to Odoo and use them in Odoo Sales or in Odoo “Point of Sale” and Vice Versa.

    In case of any query or assistance, please raise a ticket at our Ticket Support System.

    Current Product Version - 1.0.0

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