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    OpenCart Sadad KSA Payment Gateway

    OpenCart Sadad KSA Payment Gateway: Using this extension, the store owner can provide the customers with the option to choose the SADAD payment gateway for purchasing the products. It’s available to a customer who has an account with any Saudi Bank.

    Thus, Merchants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) can use and access SADAD accounts for their business transactions.

    Please Note:

    • A customer and the store owner must have Sadad Account to use this payment gateway.
    • To create a new merchant account on PayTabs, please click here.
    • This payment gateway will only work for the Saudi Arabia region.
    • It only supports Saudi Riyal currency.
    • You can learn more about Sadad Payment via PayTabs –


    • Enable or Disable the extension.
    • Set the availability of payment method for the selected zone.
    • The default Order status can be set for the orders placed.
    • Set the checkout total limit that must be reached before the payment method becomes active.
    • Customers can select the Sadad payment gateway for making the purchase.


    Step 1:

    Extract the contents of the received zip folder on your system according to your OpenCart version.

    Thus, the folder has adminocmod, and Image folders.

    So, now, upload the admin, catalog, and image directories into the Opencart root directory.

    Step 2:

    Now go to Extensions-> Payments->Sadad Payment. Henceforth, click the install button to install the OpenCart Sadad Payment extension.

    How to Get the Secret Key

    Step 1:  To create a Merchant account click here and fill in the required information. Then Click the Sign-Up button.

    Step2: Now the page that comes up click on the Continue To Dashboard button.

    Step 3: Thus, you will receive a verification mail on the email address. Here, click Verify.

    Step 4: Log in using the Email address and the password(used for creating the account at Paytabs) and navigate to the Secret key menu option.

    Henceforth, you will find the secret key that is to be entered in the module configuration settings.

    Module Configuration

    Thus, to configure the module settings, the admin needs to navigate through Extensions->Payments->Sadad Payment. Here, click on the edit button to bring up the module configuration settings.

    Now, you will be on the module configuration section as shown below in the snapshot.

    Here, the admin will configure the module settings that are available –

    • Merchant Email – Enter the Paytabs registered e-mail address.
    • Secret Key – Enter the Paytab access key received after registering at Paytabs.
    • Total – Enter the checkout total that must be reached before the payment method becomes active at the checkout page.
    • Order Status – Set the default Order Status that will be set after completing an order using the Sadad payment method.
    • Geo Zone – Set the availability of the method for all zones or for your custom created zones.
    • Status –  Set the status of the extension as Enabled or Disabled as required.
    • Sort Order – Set the sequence in which the payment gateway will be visible at the checkout page for the customers.

    So, after configuring the module settings, click the Save button to save the configuration.

    Note: To receive the payments, the admin will have to add his Sadad bank within the Paytab account.

    Frontend – Workflow

    Hence, the customers can add their preferred products into the cart. Then proceed to the checkout by clicking the Checkout button.

    So, the customer will proceed with the steps at the checkout page. Finally, the customer will select the Sadad payment method. Hence, after this, check the Terms & Conditions box and click the Continue button to proceed further.

    Now, enter your Sadad Account Id and click the Confirm Order button to proceed further.

    Thus, after clicking the Confirm Order button, the customer will be redirected to Sadad Payment System. Here, the customer has to enter their Sadad Account ID and the Password and then click the Proceed button. payment

    Now the page that comes up has the transaction details. Here, select your secret image, select a one-time password method, and click the Submit button after thereafter.

    Thus, post clicking the Submit button in the above image. So, the customer can see the transaction details which include – Merchant Reference No, Sadad Transaction No, Transaction Amount, Description, and Status of the Transaction.

    Now, the customer will be redirected back to the merchant website. Here, you can see the notification for placing the order successfully.

    The customer can also check the order details by navigating to Order history section. So, to check the details of the placed order click the View button for the respective order.

    Henceforth, this brings up the details of the order where the customer can see the Payment method used.

    So, that’s all for the OpenCart Sadad Payment Gateway. For any queries or suggestions get back to us at

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x

    . . .

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