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    Odoo POS: Show Discounted Price


    If you are planning to have some special discounts on products in your ‘Point of Sale’ and want to show the actual price along with discounted price, then this module is very useful to you.

    Using this module along with the point of sale module, we can create pricelist, attach the same pricelist to the point of sale and show both discounted price as well as the actual price of the product in point of sale. In this way, the cashier has the knowledge that the product’s price has been deducted and he/she can tell to the customer as well.


    • Using Price-list, apply discount on products in Point-of-Sale
    • Show discounted price along with actual price in Point-of-Sale.
    • No need to replace your point of sale, just install this module and you have this feature.

    Working of the Module

    After successful installation of this module, you need to create pricelist, add this price list in your point-of-sale.

    Create price list for Point of sale.

    Create one price list on odoo, then specify discount for some products,

    – Go to Sales > Configuration > Pricelist > Pricelist

    – Edit it, and add some products in it with the discount you want.


    Add pricelist to your Point of sale session.

    Go to -Point of Sale > under Configuration > Point of Sale  and add this price list to your Point-of-Sale as:

    Point of sale session view

    Start your Point-of-Sale, and you have the view like –


    Receipt view.

    The point of sale order receipt also displays discounted price along with the base price for the products. 

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - ODOO V8 / V9 / V10

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  • Nefi López García
    if I use a list price that makes starting a discount of 6 pieces, the module will apply the discount starting from 6 pieces ?,

    It works for version 9?

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