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    MangoPay Payment Gateway for Virtuemart

    Mangopay Payment Gateway for Virtuemart: Joomla Virtuemart MangoPay payment gateway is one of the magnificent  Virtuemart payment gateway add-ons. It provides an option to choose transaction mode i.e DIRECT or WEB. The payment gateway provides complete 3D- secure payment system also, refund option is available for admin.

    Latest Features-Version-2.0

    • Full order Refund feature is provided, If admin change order status to refund then the whole amount is refunded.
    • Improved layout.
    • Add option to choose transaction mode i.e DIRECT or WEB.
    • Added an option to set secure mode i.e DEFAULT or FORCE, If force mode is set and backend then payment would only be processed for card register with 3d secure.
    • Now, you can generate (MangoPay Legal user id and MangoPay wallet id) using create user button.

    Features- Version-1.1

    • Featured with MangoPay supported currencies.
    • Provides Secure Gateway for payment.
    • The feature of refund is available at admin end.


    Browse the ‘Joomla Virtuemart MangoPay Payment Gateway’ zip file and then drag and drop.

    Enable the plugin.

    To create a new payment method, go to Virtuemart payment method.

    Click on “new” to create a new payment gateway.

    Now fill the details on the page to create a new Mangopay Payment method.

    Go to “configuration” tab as shown below in the snapshot and fill the required details.

    In order to create User, please follow as mentioned in the below image.

    Now, after creating User “MangoPay Legal user id” and “MangoPay wallet id” both will be auto-filled, so proceed to complete the configuration.

    To get the Mangopay client ID and Mangopay Passphrase by creating an account on Mangopay and follow the link provided.
    For creating an account for sandbox testing through mangopay payment using the link
    Create an account for production/ live payment through mangopay payment using the link


    Cart view.

    If “Transaction Type” is set “Direct” the shopper can fill card details on your checkout page.

    If “Transaction Type” is set “Web” the shopper will redirect to MangoPay payment page for entering the card details.

    3D- secure validation, here shopper has to enter his/her 3D-secure password to complete the payment.


    That’s all for the Joomla Virtuemart MangoPay Payment Gateway still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the Plugin better

    Current Product Version - 2.0

    Supported Framework Version - Joomla 3.x and Virtuemart 3.x

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