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Magento Delhivery Shipping

Magento Delhivery Shipping module provides Delhivery Shipping service for shipping the products in India. It allows admin to provide Delhivery Shipping to their Indian customers.

This Module is also available for Magento2

Features Of Magento Delhivery Shipping

  • The Admin can enable or disable Magento Delhivery Shipping.
  • Admin can set the Delhivery Shipping name that will be displayed on the checkout page.
  • Admin can view all the Pincodes which are available for shipping.
  • The Delhivery Shipping rates are calculated based on a product weight and the Pincode where the product has to be shipped, through the Delhivery APIs.
  • Admin can easily generate the Delhivery Shipping label.
  • The codes are open so it can be customized easily.

Installation of magento delhivery shipping

Installation of Magento Delhivery Shipping is very easy. You just unzip the Magento Delhivery Shipping zip and move app folder to magento root folder.

After moving the app folder flush the cache from Magento admin panel under System > Cache Management.

And now your Magento Delhivery Shipping module has been installed.

Configuration of magento delhivery shipping

After the successful installation of Magento Delhivery Shipping module, admin can configure module under System > Configuration > Shipping Methods > Webkul Delhivery Shipping as per the below screen.

Enabled : Admin can enable/disable this module for shipping.

Title : Here admin can enter the title which will appear on front-end.

Method : Admin can enter the method of the module.

Client Name : Here admin enters “Client Name” which he get from Delhivery after registration for shipping.

Client Id : Here admin enters “Client Id” which he get from Delhivery after registration for shipping.

License key : Here admin enters “License Key” which he get from Delhivery after registration for shipping.

Delhivery logo : Logo which will appear on Shipping Label.

Show Method if Not Applicable : Admin selects whether he want to show method if not applicable for shipping.

Displayed Error Message : Error message if the method is not applicable for shipping.

Gateway url : Gateway url of Delhivery.


As Delhivery provides his services in India only so the origin of shipment must be India only. Admin can configure it under System > Configuration > Shipping Settings > Origin.

Admin management of magento delhivery shipping

AWB Manager

The admin can go to Webkul Delhivery > Manage AWB. The AWB (air waybill number) is used to track the shipment and show its delivery status. Here is the list of all the AWB numbers which are assigned to orders. Only the AWB numbers which have been assigned to an order will be displayed in this list.

Admin can download only 50 AWB to assign to orders in a single instance. If more than 50 AWB are unused then it will show an error message while downloading new AWB.

Pin Code Manager

The admin can go to Webkul Delhivery > Manage Pincode. From here, admin can download all the Pincodes which are available for this shipping module. A list of all the Pincodes along with the availability for Pre-paid, Cash, Pickup and COD will be shown here.

ID : Pincode ID.

District :  Name of the District associated to that Pincode.

Pin code : Pincode

Pre Paid : Status whether Delhivery provides Pre-Paid service on that Pincode or not.

Pickup: Status whether Delhivery provides Pickup service on that Pincode or not.

Cash: Status whether Delhivery provides Cash delivery service on that Pincode or not.

COD : Status whether Delhivery provides Cash on delivery service on that Pincode or not.

State Code : State code associated to that Pincode.

Order Management

The admin can manage orders by going to Sales > Orders and then by clicking on view order. The admin can generate invoice and shipment and can create Delhivery Label for shipment. When the admin selects the Create Shipping Label, a tracking number for the shipment is automatically generated.

After the shipment is created, admin can check the updated AWB status in AWB Manager.

Then admin select particular orders and submit manifest.

Admin update AWB status and can generate and download shipping label for the order

Shipping label :

Front-End of magento delhivery shipping

After the setup of the Magento Delhivery Shipping method, the customer can easily use this shipping method for their purchases. When any buyer adds the product to cart then there will be an option to fill up the zip/postal code, so when a customer fills in the Indian region Pincode, the Delhivery Shipping method will get displayed under the shipping methods.


That’s all for the Magento Delhivery Shipping. If you still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

Current Product Version - 1.0.0

Supported Framework Version - Magento 1.4.x.x 1.5.x.x 1.6.x.x 1.7.x.x 1.8.x.x 1.9.x.x

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