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    Joomla Web Push Notification

    This splendid extension is a web push-enabled add-on which benefits the in-store targeting of users in Joomla site. Users are targeted with the related latest news when he is not actively using the site. Joomla Web Push Notification let site users to opt-in the timely updates displayed as an alert in the background of devices. This increases the ease of use which is quick to deal providing a simple and relevant information viewed by subscribers.
    With the real-time delivery of messages when the user is not browsing the site act as a schedule reminder. This increases effectiveness to re-engagement of the user and encouraging the retention.

    Benefits of Joomla Web Push Notification

    • It is a non-subscription one time purchase add-on.
    • Works on the concept of re-engagement of users after leaving the site.
    • Establish mobile customers without the need of mobile app.
    • Generates alerts that comes from Joomla site.
    • Allow admin effectively to re-engage their users.
    • Provides up-date relevant information to users by engagement and creating a recognition to increase the involvement.
    • Users subscribed gets notifications directly on their logged-in devices.
    • Increases customer acquisition which includes the increase opt-in rates.

    Features of Joomla Web Push Notification

    • Works well in Chrome and Firefox(Mozilla).
    • Designed to work with the SSL certificate websites.
    • User needs to opt-in the pop-up that reflects at the time of visiting the website.
    • With clicking, the user gets the access to view the push notifications until there are any manual changes from admin end.
    • With every notification, admin can send a web link. Web push notifications are clickable as clicking on notification redirects user to the site.
    • The view of push notification is in the form of an alert.
    • Admin can create different templates(notification data) which can be chosen while sending a notification.
    • Admin can select subscriber ids to whom notification will be sent.
    • Functionality to filter subscribers on the basis of browser and date of subscription is available.
    • An option of selecting a title, message, redirect URL and icon at the time of creation of template is available.

    Latest Features

    • The concept of pre popup is provided. Admin has the option to enable or disable the functionality.
    • Option of subscription icon is available by which visitors can easily subscribe/unsubscribe from notifications.
    • Feature to set the position of subscription icon is available. The position available are top-left, top-right, bottom-left and bottom-right at admin end.
    • Functionality of auto-request is available. Admin can enable and disable to manage auto request when visitors visit site.
    • Option of automatic notification is available once user subscribes to the site.

    New Added Feature

    • Now, Admin can send a notification to any number of subscribers..

    Joomla Web Push Notification

    The add-on is well compatible with Joomla version

    • Joomla 3.x


    Go to extension, upload and install the zip provided. A plugin gets installed automatically as shown below in the snapshot.

    Go to “components”, click “push notification” as shown below.

    Click “options” to manage and configure the settings.

    Basic Settings

    Enter the “Api key” and “Sender Id” as shown below in snapshot. Save the settings. Please click to check the tutorial of generating API Key and FCM Sender Id

    • Click “yes” to allow the display of notification once user subscribes.
    • Enter a notification title and message.
    • Upload a notification icon.
    • Select “yes” to generate auto-request at user end once the page gets reloaded automatically.
    • For subscription click “yes” to enable bell.
    • Upload an icon and select the position to display the bell for subscription.

    • Select “yes” to enable popup notification before the request.
    • Set a message for pre popup.


    Admin end

    In “subscribers”, admin can view the list of users who have subscribed for push notification.

    • To send notifications, select the users and click on “send” as shown below in the snapshot.

    Option to create a new template or use existing templates from the dropdown is possible as shown below.

    Go to “notification templates” and click on “+ new template” to create a template as shown below.

    Set the parameters as shown below in the snapshot.

    • Select the name of the title.
    • Enter a message for the notification to be sent.
    • Set a URL to be re-directed once clicked in the notification at user end.
    • Select a notification icon if any.

    Sending notifications slot wise

    Front end

    Click on “allow” to subscribe for push notification as shown below.

    View of pre popup.

    Outlook of bell when enabled at admin end.

    View of Web Push Notification

    Click on “notify” to send Web Push Notification to the subscribers as shown below.

    View of “Web Push Notification”.


    For further any query feel free contact us at

    Current Product Version - 1.3

    Supported Framework Version - 3.x

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