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    Joomla Virtuemart Salesforce Connector

    Joomla Virtuemart Salesforce Connector:
    This magnificent extension is collaboration between Joomla Virtuemart and Salesforce. It is the next generation extension enhancing the features of e-commerce and CRM platform. At initial stage the basic Virtuemart content is being synchronized with Salesforce to give a new picture to the concept of B2B and B2C and manual synchronization of orders and products from Salesforce to Joomla Virtuemart. The idea behind the concept is to increase data integrity, maintain proper inventory of stock, real time order generation, provide a brilliant customer care services and much more.


    • Is acting as a bridge between Virtuemart and Salesforce.
    • Functionality of realtime order generation .
    • Maintains proper inventory stock management .
    • It gives the concept of “service-first” approach .
    • Interactive design with brilliant user experience .
    • It gathers and analyzes customers, products and their data in user account at Salesforce end .
    • Any number of data can be imported from Virtuemart to Salesforce .
    • Can create targeted customer segments directly in Salesforce by using data from Virtuemart .
    • During runtime, a Contact will be generated as Lead via the Contact form at Frontend .
    • Any query generated during runtime on Virtuemart will act as Lead in Salesforce .
    • Cloud computing service is used for enabling global network to shared pool.
    • Backend feature consists of Global settings, User field page, Product, Category, Orders and Synchronization .

    Latest Features

    • Option to Enable/disable real time syncing of Orders.
    • Manual Import/Export of Salesforce products, Categories, Users and Order to Joomla Virtuemart store with a Progress bar.
    • Uploading of WSDL file has become a lot easier.


    • Increases revenue of online marketers .
    • Instant access to purchase history data in Salesforce .
    • Automatic retention marketing .
    • Right data, Right time, Right Customer .
    • Behavioral product segment .
    • Multilingual support .
    • Synchronized Virtuemart registrants, products and orders represent as Salesforce contacts, products and opportunities .

    Connect E-commerce to Salesforce today by Joomla Virtuemart Salesforce Connector

    After downloading the Joomla Virtuemart Salesforce you’ll get one zip file( unzip and use it.
    After unzipping you will get the ( com_jvsconnector.pdf ) file, read it carefully and follow it .
    Step 1: Go to the Extension manager landing page. Browse and select the zip file, upload and install.

    Extension manager -

    Step 2: Go to the Component Manager.

    Virtuemart Configuration

    Salesforce Configuration

    Once you are on the Connector  Page with the list of Users, Categories, Products, Orders, click on the gear icon to open the Configuration page as shown below:


    Configure accordingly as shown below in the snapshot.

      • Type down the Salesforce Username and Password.
      • Enter the security token generated at Salesforce end in the field Salesforce Security Token.
      • Now, click on Choose File to upload the WSDL file uploaded at Salesforce end.

    Once the WSDL file is uploaded and you get the success message, proceed with the configuration as shown below:

      • Select a pricebook where admin wants to list all the products synced at Salesforce end.
      • Choose the document folder from the dropdown where admin would like to save all the images synced at Salesforce end.
      • Once can enable/disable real-time Order sync as per the requirement from the drop down menu as shown below in the screenshot.

    Click on Save to save the entire configuration settings.

    Synchronization of Virtuemart with Salesforce

    View of Users tab.

    Option to import and export Users at Virtuemart end. Once you click on Import Users or Export Users, you will see the Progress bar and a success message in the end in case of successful syncing.

    View of Category tab.

    • Option to import and export categories at Virtuemart end with a progress bar status is provided as shown below:

    You will see the error message as well in case of any error encountered while syncing records.

    Now, go to Products tab

    • Option to import and export products at Virtuemart end is provided.

    Display of Virtuemart orders in Order tab.

    • Option to export Orders at Virtuemart end with a progress bar status is provided as shown below:

    Note: On every synchronization page there is a delete button added which can be used to delete the existing mapping between VirtueMart and Salesforce end. Remember, deleting the mapping doesn’t delete the record at either end.

    Order Status Mapping: One can also create Order Mapping as per his requirement as shown below:

    View at Salesforce end

    Synchronized tabs in Salesforce

    salesforce view

    Click on Eshop Sync for VirtueMart from the dropdown menu to get its view at salesforce end as shown below:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is the best way to test purchased connector file?

    A: Data integrity is the main area of concern, we would recommend to install and test the connector sync features in Development site first by establishing the connection with Salesforce Sandbox. Upon successful testing, you may proceed to install the connector in Live site and Salesforce Production environment.

    Q: What are the benefits of purchasing the connector along with Installation fees?

    A: Purchasing connector along with Installation fees, just brings you into a comfort zone where you just need to share required details to initiate the installation process. Our concerned team will effectively proceed with the installation process as soon we get complete details.

    Your trust and satisfaction is highly important to us so your data will be completely secured.

    Q: What will be covered under Installation fees?

    A: We will install and setup Connector at Joomla Virtuemart end and get things ready to go situation for you. Installation of eShopSync For Joomla Virtuemart as well, in case it is not installed at Salesforce end.

    We will sync a test record on each object to make sure that synchronization is working fine. Further, you may proceed with synchronization on your own.

    Q: What are the required details mandatory to share for Installation procedure?

    A: You need to share following details to proceed with installation and setup of connector:

    • Would be preferable to install in Development site first in connection with Salesforce Sandbox, so create a Dev site and share the details accordingly.
    • Joomla VirtueMart Admin URL of the concerned site with login credentials.
    • Salesforce login credentials
    • SFTP/FTP Details such as Host Name, Port, User, and Password.

    NOTE: Mandatory to share SFTP/FTP details and all of the concerned site such as Host Name, Port, User, and Password if we experience any issue while connector installation due to any plugin confliction.

    Q: What are the conditions to pay Installation fees?

    A: If you are stuck and having trouble while proceeding with configuration then you need to pay Installation fees along with required details to install and setup the connector properly.

    To pay the Installation fees: Click Here

    NOTE: We have already provided help links to install and setup the connector.

    Q: When you can avail benefits of free support?

    A: Free support comes in the picture once the connector is installed and configured properly. If there is any issue while connector installation then it will fall under Installation process and will be treated as per Installation procedure.

    In case, you have not paid the installation fees and want support to install and configure the connector then you need to pay the installation fees and must share the required details to initiate Connector installation procedure.

    Q: What will be covered under Free 3 months of support availed with connector purchase?

    A: Post successful connector installation and configuration, if you are experiencing any issue while data synchronization that would fall under free support.

    You may create a ticket on the link mentioned under Support section with steps to reproduce and provide all required login details.

    Q: What are the details mandatory to be shared to debug the issue?

    A: You need to share following details to investigate the issue:

    • Joomla VirtueMart Admin URL of the concerned site with login credentials.
    • SFTP/FTP Details such as Host Name, Port, Username, Password.
    • Salesforce login credentials. Or, you may grant login access for Salesforce as well: How to Grant Login Access

    NOTE: Mandatory to share SFTP/FTP details and all of the concerned site such as Host Name, Port, User, and Password if we require while investigation.

    Q: What if you can’t share SFTP/FTP details or Login credentials of Joomla VirtueMart and Salesforce due to privacy/security concern?

    A: Your data is highly secured with us and it is mandatory to share SFTP/FTP details and login credentials of Joomla VirtueMart and Salesforce while investigation on any issue. Without having complete details, we can’t proceed any further.

    You may provide a Development site to debug and fix the issues.

    Q: Can you provide support on screen sharing sessions via any medium like Team Viewer/ GoToMeeting/ etc?

    A: No, we don’t provide any support on any of screen sharing sessions like Team Viewer/GoToMeeting/etc. Hence, it is mandatory to share complete details to provide seamless support.

    Q: What if you can’t share asked details on the support ticket to debug the issue and want a full refund?

    A: In this case, refund would be processed as per the Refund Policy: Check Refund Policy Here

    Q: What are the other options to get support if you have privacy concern sharing Live Site details?

    A: You need to provide development environment (complete replica of the Live site) with following details:

    • Steps to reproduce
    • Login credentials
    • SFTP/FTP details such as Host Name, Port, User, and Password

    We will debug the issue and provide proper resolution in the Development site. Upon successful testing, you can implement in Live site.


    Current Product Version - 2.3

    Supported Framework Version - Joomla 3.x

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