Joomla Virtuemart MarketPlace Membership

Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace MembershipBy using this Component, admin offers an option to choose from various membership plans after which the seller can add products and manage their store. The number of products to be added and the time period of the membership are limited according to the membership plan opted.

Each membership plan has their own limitation in reference to the number of product and time period of membership and on these features only, the amount of the plan is set by the admin. Seller will have to choose any one of the membership plan to run their store on the marketplace. Seller can add products after purchasing any one of the available membership plan and paying for it to the admin.

The membership plan has 2 limitation according to which the seller can run their store on the marketplace. First one is the “number of product to add” , in which admin sets the number of product to be added by the seller. Seller can add the number of product up to the number provided in the membership plan. And the second one is “time limit of the membership plan” , in which the seller has the time limitation of the membership plan and the seller can run their store up to the time provided in the membership plan. After the expiry of the membership plan, seller will have to renew the plan by paying certain amount to the admin.

This module is an add-on of Marketplace Module . To use this module you must have installed first Marketplace Module.

Download Procedure

Joomla Marketplace Membership works with the following versions.
– Joomla 3.0
As you will download Joomla Virtuemart MarketPlace Membership extension, you’ll get a zip file (com_mpmembership). Use it and enjoy the add-on for easy payment process. In case you face any problem in the downloading process, feel free to contact us at


  • Seller needs to buy any membership plan to become a seller and manage their store.
  • PayPal API supported for membership plan payment.
  • Admin can set the amount to pay for any membership plan.
  • Admin can set the number of products to be uploaded in the membership plan.
  • Admin can set the number of months for the expiry time of the membership plan.
  • Admin can restricted the seller for the number of product according to the plan selected by the seller.
  • Admin can add more than one accounts and seller can use as own accordance.

Steps to install Marketplace Membership

Install the downloaded component “com_mpmembership”. You need to upload and install the Marketplace membership component.

Steps to Configure Virtuemart Marketplace Membership

After installing the component, go to the components of Virtuemart marketplace membership and click on member.


This page will open with “Mpmembership” and “Accounts” option. Click on “Accounts” and then click on “New” to create a new membership account.


Fill the details to create a new membership plan. More than one plan can be created according to the number of products, plan time and amount.


Once the membership account has been created, it will look like as in the provided snapshot.


Clicking on “Options” will show you a new page to fill the details of the payment options. Here is the snapshot provided.


Now after configuring this, you will have to set Membership Registration Menu and Membership Payment Menu at the front end. For this, create a menu item for membership registration and membership payment.

Creating a menu item for membership registration and membership payment

Click on Menu option and then click on Top menu.


After that click on “New” to create a new menu item.


The Membership registration menu is now created. Again open “Menu Manager” and click on new to create a “New Menu” for Membership Payment.


After saving the details, the menu is now created. It looks like as provided in the snapshot.


After that, you have to create a new “Menu Item” for membership payment. For that, click on “New” to create a new menu item.


Creating a new module to show Membership payment menu
Click on the module manager to create a new module.


Click on “Menu” to create a menu module.


When you will click on menu, then a page will open to fill the details to create a menu module. Fill all the details and click on “save & close”.


Now the Configuration process has been completed. It can be used from the Frontend.


When anyone wants to register himself as a seller, then they will have to click on membership registration and have to fill the details.


As the seller will complete the registration process, a link will be sent to the corresponding email id to activate the account. As they will activate their account through the link, they will be registered as a seller and they can now login through the “seller login” menu.
As they will login, they will be redirected to the “Membership plan” page. There seller will have to choose any one of the plan to proceed further.


When the seller will opt to pay through Payfast, then the option of payment will be Payfast as shown in the below snapshot.


Membership payment through Paypal
When the seller will choose any one of the plan, he/she will be redirected to the Paypal server for the payment of the membership plan. There, the seller will have to login to their Paypal account with the required credentials.


After entering the required credentials, confirm the payment.


And after the payment is done, the screen will look like as provided in the next snapshot.


The membership plan is now active for the current seller. And the seller can now update the information, add the product to their account and manage their profile as well.



For any query or doubt, please add a support ticket at WebKul Ticket Support.
Shoot a ticket –

Current Product Version - 2.2

Supported Framework Version - Joomla 3.x

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