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    Joomla VirtueMart MarketPlace Membership

    Joomla VirtueMart Marketplace Membership

    “Joomla VirtueMart Marketplace Membership” extension allows an admin to restrict on various membership plan for the seller. There are two types of membership plans: “Regular plan” and “Dynamic plan”. Admin provides an option for the seller to choose a membership plan after which the seller can add products and manage their store. The number of products to be added and the time duration of the membership are limited according to the membership plan opted.

    Regular plan: Regular plan is the basic plan which restricts on the number of products and time interval. Sellers have to buy the plan again after expiration. If you do not want your sellers to buy the plans, again and again, you can make the regular plan a subscription by setting it as a Recurring Plan. Recurring functionality is available only for Stripe Payment.

    Dynamic plan: It allows a seller to choose the number of products and time interval as per his requirements. This plan can be customizable.

    Note: This extension is an add-on of  Joomla VirtueMart Marketplace component. To use this extension you must have first installed the Joomla VirtueMart Marketplace component.

    Joomla VirtueMart Marketplace Membership Features- version 3.1

    1. Admin can create various plans as per their requirements which can be subscribed by the seller.
    2. Admin can set the amount for any membership plan.
    3. Set the number of products to be available in the membership plan.
    4. Set the number of months/days for the membership plan to expire.
    5. Option provided to admin to set “Recurring” or “Dynamic plan”.
    6. Option for the dynamic plan is provided to admin in which cost is calculated on the number of products and days.
    7. Option provided to admin to send Reminder mail “manually” or “automated” before the expiration of the plan.
    8. An option is provided to admin to set the number of days before which the reminder mail will be sent to the seller.
    9. Admin can create custom templates for mail when a plan is activated or is near expiration.
    10. Option to set the tax value in percentage on the membership plan fee.
    11. Option to make Dynamic plan available for “All sellers” or “Active plan seller”.
    12. Supported Payment methods for the dynamic plan- Stripe with Alipay integration, Paypal, Braintree with PayPal, Payfast.
    13. Transaction view of membership plan is provided for admin.
    14. Admin can view the list of sellers(Members) who have opted for membership plan.
    15. A seller can view all available membership plans.
    16. The seller can view the “Active plans” from his profile in an organized way.
    17. The seller can customize his plans by adding the number of products and days to his existing plan using a dynamic plan.
    18. A seller can view his complete transaction of membership plans from his “Active plan” view.
    19. Allow seller to change the product state when maximum product limit in plan exceeds.
    20. Subscriber for the recurring plan can cancel his subscription.
    21. Allow Guest User/ Registered User to view the available membership plan.
    22. On Selecting any plan Guest/Registered User will be redirected to the seller registration form.

    Video Tutorial

    Installation and configuration

    When you’ll download the “Joomla VirtueMart Marketplace Membership”, you’ll get one zip file. Unzip and install the zip file inside it.

    After installation of “Joomla VirtueMart Marketplace Membership” extension. Go to “Extensions manager”. Check the extension to enable it.

    Functionality At Backend

    This extension allows an admin to creates various membership plan for the seller. Let us now see how an admin will create a membership plan. To create a membership plan, go to “Components” and click “Membership Plans”.

    After clicking on “Membership Plans”, admin can find the option to create a new membership plan. Here admin can view the list of all the created membership plans. Admin requires to configure the various options of memberships plans.

    Let us now configure the settings of various options of seller membership plans.

    1. Payment Method Configuration: Admin can set the tax value in percentage on the seller membership plan. Admin needs to enable the payment method as per his choice and set the status to “Sandbox” for testing purpose and “Production” for real payments. Enter the various fields to set up the payment configuration.

    A user can find the credentials of the payment method after login to his developer account of respective payment method. To generate the credentials a user needs to create an app and can find the API credentials. Given below is the screenshots of getting API credentials of various payment method through “Sandbox” mode.

    Paypal Payment Method: To get the credentials you need to create an account. Refer to the below link:

    Stripe Payment Method: To get the credentials you need to create an account. Refer to the below link:

    Braintree Payment Method: To get the credentials you need to create an account. Refer to the below link:

    Payfast Payment Method: To get the credentials you need to create an account. Refer to the below link:

    2. Plan settings: Set the plan to “Dynamic” if you want a seller to create a dynamic plan. It allows the seller to customize the plan as per his requirements. Else choose “Recurring” plan which is a regular plan with recurring functionality. Please go through the below provided screenshot for both the plan settings.

    Recurring plan settings at the backend:

    Dynamic plan settings at the backend:

    3. Email Configuration: Admin can customize the email template of “Plan Activation” which will be sent for new plan activation. And template for “Account Expiration Notification” which is used to send a notification to the seller about the expiration of plan, the days before as per the setting at the backend.

    4. General Settings: In general settings, admin can set the functionality that allows a seller to unpublish one product and publish other product when the plan limit is reached but the plan remains valid. e.g. when a seller plan has the option to add 5  products and the maximum limit is reached. Then a seller has the option to unpublish a product and publish other product.

    Admin can send an email notification to the seller before the days subscription plan expires. Admin has the option to set the number of days before the subscription expires when mail will be sent.

    How to create a seller membership plan

    The membership plan has 2 conditions according to which the seller can run their store on the marketplace. First one is the “number of the product to add”, in which admin sets the limit on the number of the product to be added by the seller. And the second one is “Time interval”,  which is the time duration for the membership plan. After the expiration of the membership plan, the seller will have to renew the plan by paying a certain amount to the admin.

    To create a new plan, an admin needs to go to “Membership Plans” and click on “New” button. After clicking on the button a new page will get opened. Admin requires to fill the various fields as given in below screenshot and click on Save.

    Note: When an admin selects the “Recurring” Plan in the plan settings, then only recurring plan will be displayed at storefront. In case the admin selects the “Dynamic” plan then “Regular” and “Dynamic” plan will be displayed.

    View of sellers who opted membership plan from the back end

    Admin can view the list of the seller that opted the membership plan from his back end. Go to “Components” and click “Members” to view the members that opted membership plan.

    View of transaction of the membership plan

    Admin can view the details of the transaction of seller’s membership plans. Admin can find the complete details like the order Id, paid Amount and the order details.

    Functionality at the front end

    After configuring the extension, it allows the seller to sell his product on the store. A seller can register himself and select a membership plan from the front end. This extension allows a Marketplace registered seller to select a membership plan and manage his products as per the plan specifications. The seller can also view all his transactions as well as his current active plan and its details.”

    When a seller login to his account, they will be redirected to the Membership plan page. Here a seller will have to choose any one of the plan to proceed further.

    Recurring membership plan through stripe payment

    When the seller will opt the recurring plan, then the option of payment will be Stripe as shown in the below snapshot.

    Fill the credentials to complete the payment.

    When a seller has taken subscription of his membership plan, he can view the details of his recurring plan from his profile. It shows the plan details like the plan name, Number of products allowed to add in the plan, duration of the plan, the fee of the plan. It also shows the timer which displays the timing left to expire the plan. A seller has the option to delete the subscription.

    View of Dynamic membership plan

    When the seller will opt the dynamic plan, then the option of payment will be Paypal, Payfast, Braintree, and Stripe. A seller can do the payment via any payment mode. When a seller purchases a “Dynamic plan” then he can view the current plan from his profile. The seller has the functionality to customize the existing(dynamic )plan as per his requirement.

    After clicking on “Update your current plan”, a seller can enter the number of products and days which he wants to add in the plan. After entering the values, it will calculate the cost of the customized plan. A seller can pay for the plan through the given payment method to proceed.

    View of the customized dynamic plan:

    View of transactions and active plan at seller profile

    The membership plan is now active for the current seller. And the seller can now update the information, add the product to their account and manage their profile as well. The seller can view the transactions of his payment and current plan from his profile. A seller can also view the Active plan by clicking on the “Active plan” tab provided as given in below screenshot.



    That’s All For The Joomla Virtuemart Marketplace Membership If You Still Have Any Issue, Feel Free To Add A Ticket And Let Us Know Your Views To Make The Extension Even More Better Http://Webkul.Uvdesk.Com

    Current Product Version - 3.1

    Supported Framework Version - Joomla 3.x VirtueMart 3.x and Marketplace 5.2

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