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    Joomla Virtuemart Iyzico Payment Gateway

    This magnificent extension provides a user the access to allow purchases in their respective store via Iyzico payment. This Turkish payment gateway process and manage the transactions considering the efficiency with all security measures.

    Features of Joomla Virtuemart Iyzico Payment Gateway

    • Well integrated with Virtuemart.
    • The concept of responsive and pop-up form is provided as per the gateway.
    • The option of 3D secure payment is available.
    • Functionality to pay in installments is available at user end as per the installment payment conditions.
    • Option to set a minimum and maximum value of the transaction is available at admin end.
    • The gateway is PCI-DSS certified, a security seal of approval providing appeasement to handle risk management management.

    Joomla Virtuemart Iyzico Payment Gateway

    Joomla Virtuemart Iyzico Payment Gateway is working in the Joomla version

    • Joomla 3.x


    After installing the zip file, a plugin named “Iyzico” gets enabled automatically as shown below in the snapshot.

    Click on “+ new” to create a new payment method as shown below in snapshot.

    Set the parameters provided in “Payment Method Information” tab.

    • Enter the name of the payment.
    • Select “yes” to allow publish of payment method at frontend.
    • Select and set “Iyzico” as the payment method from the dropdown.

    Set the parameters provided in “Configuration” tab.

    • Select the type of form.
    • Select the mode of payment.
    • Enter the credentials based on the mode selected.

    • Select “enable” to allow 3D secure payment for customers.
    • In “order status settings”, select the status for successful and failed transaction.
    • Set a logo for the payment method.
    • Enter a value for the “cost per transaction”. This is the additional cost you want to apply during payment.
    • Enter a minimum and maximum amount of transation via Iyzico payment method.
    • Apply tax if any.


    At cart page, select “Iyzico” as payment method, click on “term and service” and confirm the purchase.

    View of responsive form. Click and enable the 3D secure payment as shown below.

    View of pop-up form.

    Admin end

    For refund functionality, go to Virtuemart orders. Select the status of order as “refunded” and click on “update order status”.


    For further any query feel free contact us at

    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - 3.x

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