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    Joomla Accelerated Mobile Pages

    AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages is an application that provides a user the functionality to create mobile optimized content instantly loaded everywhere. Using AMP, the web page loads fast across platforms so that content can appear everywhere instantly via any mobile device. The speed of loading depends on three sources which include AMP -HTML format, caching and pre-rendering. Optimization of pages includes the first viewport which is pre-rendered and AMP is aware of the position of each page element. In today’s date, the most popular application and platforms which support AMP are Google, Twitter, Pinterest, and Bing.
    With the installation of Joomla Accelerated Mobile Pages add-on, the pages of user’s site will be AMP compatible. This surely will boost the performance rate by decreasing the duration of loading of pages.


    • Now, AMP is compatible with K2 content and links. Note: extra functionality of k2 will not be supported by our AMP such as comments,ratings,font size etc.
    • Option to set parent class to convert all the child links to AMP links.


    • Fully customizable, admin can customize header, footer, title etc.
    • Option to show ads on AMP pages.
    • Option to show cool carousel(Image Slider) on AMP pages( before/after content). Also, provide an option to display image slider preview.
    • Option to display Joomla Menu bar on AMP pages and options to set menubar position is provided.
    • Option to display any number of Joomla custom modules on AMP pages.
    • Option to show Notification message on AMP pages.
    • Option to display social share buttons on AMP pages, example facebook, google+ etc.
    • Option to enable lightbox for images on AMP pages.
    • Option to show youtube video on AMP pages.
    • Option to enable google analytics is provided.
    • Option to filter content on the basis of CSS classes and ids is provided.
    • Option to add custom CSS styles and header links are provided.



    Browse the Joomla Accelerated Mobile Pages zip file then upload and install.


    Click on extensions and then move to “Plugins” in the drop-down and then click on it.


    Click on it.


    Now, Plugin setting.


    Next one is Ads setting .

    An example of Ads Network ( Custom).

    Front-end View.


    Here is site setting.


    This is Custom setting.

    Front-end View


    This step is about Media Content setting.

    Lightbox effect

    Carousel effect

    Front-end View Slider Preview

    Youtube Video at your AMP page front-end View.


    Now Google Analytics.


    Next one is Filter Content.


    The last one is AMP links.


    That’s all for the Joomla Accelerated Mobile Pages still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the plugin better

    Current Product Version - 2.1

    Supported Framework Version - Joomla 3.x

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  • Rohit Soni
    Can we use our website forms in AMP pages? Please let me know.
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