Joomla Image Before After

Joomla Image Before After:

Image Before After module shows the changes in the before after manner. The possibilities for this module are endless. This type of feature frequently implemented by Medical, Interior design, Real estate industry people to put a high impact on customers.

Joomla Image Before/After Features

  • Both the Animation Type options “Drag/Move” are available in the module.
  • Mobile Responsive view.
  • Admin can adjust width as per his requirement.
  • All the modern browser supported like IE9+, Firefox, Chrome etc.
  • Multiple copies of this module can be placed within a single page.

Module_Image Before After-Joomla Supported Version

Image Before After is working with the Joomla version

  • Joomla 3.x
  • Joomla4.x

Installation and setting back-end parameters

When you’ll download the Image Before After you’ll get a zip file
(mod_imagebeforeafter_J3.x or J4.x).

You will also receive the (mod_imagebeforeafter.pdf) file. Read it carefully and follow it

Step 1: Go to the Extension Manager

Step 2: Browse the mod_imagebeforeafter zip file first and then upload and install:-

Step 3: Go to the module manager

Step 4: Search the Image Before After

Step 5: Configure back-end as below:

Joomla Image Before After Front End view


That’s all for Joomla Image Before After, still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

Current Product Version - 2.2

Supported Framework Version - Joomla 3.x and Joomla 4.x

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Comments (7)

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  • Proxidesign

    I have problems on Safari, no problems on FIrefox, chrome, explore, just Safari

    You can help me?

  • wlam69
    Hi! Does this work on mobile devices also?
  • Neil Weber
    Question, can this extension show different (multiple sets) of before and after images? For example a before and after smile of teeth from 5 different people ?
    • Webkul
      For showing the multiple image, you can create the multiple instance of module and publish it but in the same module you can not set different (Multiple Sets) of before and after images.
      • BerndK
        I published 2 instances of the module but only one works. The other simply shows 2 images amog theirselfes. I also tried Load Jquery = yes.
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