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    How to install magento paid extension via composer?

    How to install Magento paid extension via composer – If you have purchased Magento extension from Magento store and having the issue with installation process via composer, then no need to worry about this, the solution is here.

    You just need to follow few steps and your extension will be installed via composer please check following steps to install Magento purchased extension from

    Step 1 – You haven’t installed your Magento then you can install Magento using CLI as mentioned in or you can install Magento as mentioned in the giving below steps-

    1. Open command line prompt, open terminal in case of Ubuntu and login to your server.
      composer create-project --repository-url= magento/project-community-edition:2.2.0 magento2/
          Authentication required (
            Username: magento_public_key
            Password: magento_private_key

      You will get magento_public_key and magento_private_key  from your account after login. (In the above step you can change Magento version which you want, here I have downloaded 2.2.0 version of Magento)

    2. Now go to magento 2 directory
      cd magento2
    3. Now setup Magento installation using CLI
      php bin/magento setup:install --base-url= --db-host=localhost --db-name=magento2 --db-user=username --db-password=userpassword --admin-firstname=userfirstname --admin-lastname=userlastname [email protected] --admin-user=admin --admin-password=adminpassword --language=en_US --currency=USD --timezone=America/Chicago --use-rewrites=1

      Now your Magento is properly installed now you can install Magento extensions using composer.

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    Step 2 – After installing Magento you can install the Magento extension purchased from via composer as given below-

    composer require vendor/extension_name

    Step 3 – But if you already installed your Magento and need to install Magento paid extensions then just need to follow given steps-

    1. Login to your Magento server and execute following commands.
    2. $ composer require vendor/extension_name
    3. Then it will ask you to enter authentication credentials (keys username and password as shown in the screenshot)Enter Authentiacation DetailsYou will get the username(public key) and password(private key) from your Magento account ( using which you have purchased the module (as shown in the screenshot).Access keys - Under aAccount Panel Option Magento You can check the user guide for getting authentication keys.
    4. After entering the username(public key) and password(private key), the module will be download then you can install the module using Magento standard process.

    So in this way you can install any of the Magento extension purchased from Magento store, but whenever you are installing Magento extensions via composer make sure you have set same Magento account credentials for “Authentication required ( “.

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  • Dharmesh Makwana
    How can I install the Paid extension purchased from using composer? Please guide
    • Nishad Bhan (Moderator)
      Hello Darmesh Makwana, Right now, for a product that you have purchased from the Webkul Store, you need to follow the respective instructions provided within it’s User Guide for installing the plugin.

      As an example, if you have successfully purchased a product from the Webkul Store(Webkul Store Product Page) – Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module, You can see a User Guide link on the product page. Open the Guide, navigate to the Installation section to see how to install the respective product like this –

      Rest, for any other query kindly reach out to us at [email protected] or raise a ticket at our HelpDesk System.

  • magento plugin development
    Good Job! This is an awesome post. I couldn’tĀ find it anywhere on google easily.
    • Nishad Bhan (Moderator)
      Thanks, Miley Cryus.
      Thanks for the appreciation, we look forward to creating more content to help the community.
      For any doubts or suggestions get back to us at [email protected]
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