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    Features of Mobikul Multivendor Connector for Shopify

    Mobikul Multivendor Connector:

    Multi Vendor Marketplace App is one of the leading modules that turn a simple Shopify store into a fully-fledged marketplace. From adding multiple sellers to setting up commissions, the app has all that you might need. To add some ease to the process, you might also want a mobile app for your marketplace, right?

    For this, we have introduced the Mobikul Multivendor Connector. This connector lets you amalgamate the Multi Vendor Marketplace App with Mobikul Mobile App Builder. Let’s move ahead and see what all can be achieved using this connector.

    Seller Listing Page

    Once you’ll integrate the Mobikul App with your Marketplace App for Shopify, customers can easily explore all the sellers added to your marketplace. They can scroll through the seller listing page and even check out the seller ratings.

    Seller Profile Page

    Furthermore, customers can click on a particular seller logo on the listing page and navigate to their profile page. The profile page includes seller logo, banner image, description, contact details as well as the product listing. All the products added by the seller will be displayed here.

    Seller Registration & Log-in

    Using the mobile app, sellers can login to their marketplace seller panels. If they want to join the marketplace, they can even register themself.

    Marketplace Seller Dashboard & Seller Profile

    Once logged in, the seller will have all the seller panel navigation on the left hand side as shown below. They can visit the dashboard to get an overview as well as update their profile from ‘Seller Profile’ section.

    Manage Orders & Products

    Sellers can manage orders and products using the mobile app with ease. Sellers can even add new products on the go.

    Product Tags, Types & Commission List

    There are various other listings that can be monitored by the vendor like product tag, type & commission listings. Sellers can keep check of these stats on the go using the mobile app.

    Customer Feedback

    Customers can drop their feedbacks and further sellers can view them and can also approve/disapprove them.

    To check out the installation flow of the app, please click here.


    You can drop your query/suggestion at [email protected] or create your ticket at Webkul UV Desk.

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