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    Case Study Tredo

    Tredo – World’s Only B2B Cashback Marketplace

    Platform CS-Cart
    Industry Retail
    Country United Kingdom

    TREDO is a B2B wholesale marketplace that connects independent retailers with relevant companies in a seamless manner.

    It also provides the world’s only B2B Cashback Marketplace. Retailers and brands may concentrate on building their businesses thanks to Tredo’s strong tool.

    Tredo case study 1

    Tredo is a community-based intelligent wholesale platform where brands can connect with retailers from all over the world and retailers can source from hundreds of fascinating brands to express their stories.

    Tredo case study 2

    Also, supporting buyers and sellers by providing a safe and secure purchasing platform. It gives various types of functionalities in the platform to help sellers sell products easily.

    Webkul and Tredo collaborated to give limitless solutions that assisted in developing its online web marketplace platform.

    Webkul helped the Tredo team in meeting all of its technical requirements and enabling them to increase its consumer base as well as sales.

     Ecommerce in the UK

    The UK e-commerce market has made a substantial contribution to the industry’s global growth rate, with a 27 percent increase. However, the growth is expects to continue in the next years.

    The United Kingdom will be the fourth largest e-commerce market in 2020.
    The turnover is roughly 105 billion dollars.

    Tredo case study 3

    Following the growth in internet sales fueled by the 2020 lockdown, people in the United Kingdom are poised to spend even more.

    Indeed, fresh data predicts that by the end of 2021 and as well as the first quarter of 2022, internet transactions would total £ 120.48 billion.

    Online sales in the UK increased by 46.5 percent in the stormy year of 2020, with UK consumers spending £ 110.6 billion online. Despite the reopening of physical stores in April 2021 online sales are predicted to climb by £ 10 billion (9%) in 2022.

    Webkul Intregates NET 60 Credit

    Offering NET terms has a variety of benefits, including acquiring new customers, expanding your business, and increasing customer loyalty.

    Tredo case study 4

    The number of days until an invoice is due is known as net 60 (also known as credit terms). The invoice is due in 60 days on a net 60 basis, and so on. 

    Webkul integrates Tredo to use the Net60 credit features and it helps buyers to easily purchase the goods on credit and as well as pays later after 60 days. 

    Restricting Wholesale Price in Tredo Marketplace

    The Tredo marketplace restricts the individual buyer from viewing wholesale price information on the eCommerce marketplace. This helps them to add authenticity to the product that the marketplace offers and generates trust within customers.

    Tredo case study 5

    The store admin of the Tredo marketplace can choose to show or hide wholesale price information. This can be implemented on the product page and more.

    Establish Your Shop At Tredo Marketplace

    If you are a seller or want to sell your product in the region check out the Tredo marketplace.

    Tredo case study 6

    Webkul also did some custom work on the Tredo marketplace to fulfill their needs.

    Custom Solutions to Cater Client Demand

    Tredo Direct asked for sellers to take some information regarding opening a new shop at their own marketplace.

    Hence, we delivered different information fields on the seller form page for signup :

    • Minimum Order Value.
    • Free Shipping Amount (The amount at which you will provide free delivery)
    • Shipping Lead Time (Average delivery times for your products)
    • Delivery Cost (Non-size/weight dependent average fixed cost for delivery if “free shipping amount for met”)
    Tredo case study 7

    Easily Registered as a Customer 

    One of the simple yet advanced features of the Tredo marketplace is that the admin can enable a section of the category collection page.

    Tredo case study 8

    The category collection allows customers at the Tredo to help find their desired products using these categories like Accessories and fashion, Baby & Kids, Beauty, cards, and more.

    Tredo case study 9

    Product Display By Brands

    The customer can easily search and shop the product according to the brands. Products can assign to the particular brand by the website admin as per the requirements.

    Tredo case study 10

    Remark At The End

    After using Webkul’s CS-Cart Marketplace, Tredo has achieved its business goals by allowing different sellers to sell different products on its store.

    From installation to creating a full-fledged Multivendor marketplace, the Webkul team was always available for the Tredo team for fast, quick assistance and also provided all the custom development services.

    Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected]
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