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    Case Study Nkon

    Nkon – How to Manage Low Inventory Items for B2B Products

    Platform Adobe Commerce
    Industry Electronics
    Country Netherlands

    Nkon sells batteries and chargers and LED flashlights and many more with over 10 years of experience. It started as a hobby in 2008 and turned into a successful business, with a strong qualified team.

    Nkon is situated in the Netherlands and mostly specializes in batteries of all types and sizes such as li-ion 18650s, 21700’s, NiMH AA & AAA, hearing aid batteries, and lead-acid batteries.

    They also deal in rechargeable batteries as well as bicycle chargers, lead-acid chargers, and car starters.

    Market Overview

    As we know, batteries are playing important role in our daily life by providing initial power to telecommunications devices, public transport, and medical devices. We cannot expect electricity every time and everywhere.

    So, Batteries are acting as a backup of electricity. If we see in the Netherlands markets there are lots of competitors NKON such as Drone authority, Accu-shop, and Etronixcenter.

    According to Energy Storage news, towards the end of 2021, a financial close was achieved for GIGA Buffalo. The largest battery storage project in the Netherlands to date. 

    At 25MW / 48MWh, it’s a project on a scale that is routinely announced in hotter energy storage. Markets in the US or in other parts of Europe, particularly the UK.

    Last year neighboring Belgium, the market appeared to open up a little. With projects of 25MW / 100MWh among those in late stages of development.

    NKon Webkul Case study

    Yet in the Netherlands, GIGA Buffalo takes the “largest project” crown from a 12MW / 7.5MWh project which was commissioned in November 2020. 

    For a country that has a 2050 policy target date in place for achieving zero carbon emissions. Halved consumption of coal between 2015 and 2019.

    Committed to phasing out natural gas, and dramatically increasing its wind and solar generation in the past few years. The Netherlands is lagging behind in deploying energy storage to accommodate that transition. 

    Turned Hobby into Successful Business

    When the client started this business in 2008 at that time they can sell their products only to local areas and existing clients. Nkon was not able to approach new or outstation clients.

    Nkon always works on client satisfaction and as well as they also focus on keeping the environment clean for the packaging of products Nkon uses biodegradable.

    Reuseable material they focus to reuse the material as much as they can.

    NKon Webkul Case study

    NKON also collaborates with the non-profit environmental organizations Bebat and Stabat. The role of Nkon is to collect reuse, maintain, refurbish and recycle batteries.

    So the task of Nikon is to collect old, empty, or defective batteries in a unique instrument. Transport them to a non-profit environmental organization.

    Online Battery Store with Adobe Commerce

    Then came the age of the internet then Nkon management thought that now he should bring his business online. Then they started their online e-commerce business on Adobe commerce.

    Adobe commerce is an open-source and scalable platform with the help of this you can build your own e-commerce website for B2B or B2C.

    NKon Webkul Case study

    With the help of online business, Nkon achieved its business milestone. At this time Nkon is supplying leading world brands such as Technoline, Xtar, Panasonic Eneloop, and Duracell, GP, Armytek all known for their high quality.

    Out of Stock Inventory Management

    In B2B business industries inventory management is vital because without it any store is unable to manage their customer’s orders.

    In an inventory system, stock management plays an important role because there is probably a chance to increase our number of sales if the store has in-stock products.

    But sometimes due to low production or out-of-stock products, Nkon could decrease its sales, or Nkon could lose its potential customers.

    Let’s example suppose any customer looking for batteries visits on Nkon website. And they found what he is looking for that is out of stock so this would be a negative impression of Nkon. Customers could switch to buying with another online battery store.

    How did Webkul help Nkon?

    Webkul is an expert to build E-commerce websites on multiple platforms 11 years of experience and as well as Webkul is an Adobe Solution Partner.

    Mr Mithat Kamer contacted Webkul, he was looking if any products that will get out of stock then customers should have a feature that when products are updated in stock then customers will get notified.

    Webkul team understood the client’s requirement and then suggested out-of-stock notification for Magento 2 as per the client’s requirement.

    In stock notification

    If customers looking for notifications about product stock then customers need to subscribe to this box.

    Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification

    Subscribe Notification

    After subscribing to the notification, then when the product will be updated in stock the subscribing customers will get a notification.

    Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification

    In-Stock Mail Notification

    When vendors or sellers updated the stock of products then subscribed customers will get a notification about the in-stock products.

    Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification

    And subsequently, the same product will be visible on the product page in stock.

    Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification

    Increase their Business by Adopting New Technology

    After Nkon adopted new technology they successfully provide the best services to their customers because as per the commitment.

    NKON is always ready to answer any question customers might have and make their shopping experience as easy and pleasant as possible.

    Great service! They're not only trying to sell their products, but also help their customers!
    Mithat Kamer
    IT Project Manager, Nkon
    Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].
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