9 simple steps to become a good vendor or supplier

Supplier/ Vendor is the key to success in the business. They prove themselves in terms of delivering goods and services to our customers across the globe on time.

The primary duty of vendor/ supplier is to produce right products at right time according to the demand of the customers. E-commerce vendors are the people who supply software and services which is used to start the most e-commerce business. These people are prominently known for supplying all types of products. The basic function of online vendors is supplying the consumable and durable goods to online stores and further, the products are resold at a profit. Online vendors must ensure that their goods must be quality oriented and should have the quality to bear risk in order to compete with other online vendors. Moreover, they should have flexibility in the supply of goods.

Some of the examples of the vendors are India Mart, Alibaba.com, EC21, Trade India, E world Trade.

In order to become a good supplier/vendor for online stores. You should follow below-mentioned steps.

  • Diversity Information– Vendors should have information about the products. Also, they must know about others suppliers data what they are trying to sell. The especially relevant part is to know about customer trends in the market, accordingly, the products will be supplied.


  • Business reference and experience– To become a successful supplier, you must know about the company experiences and who are the current clients of the company and what are the payment methods. For example- Let’s say In Webkul software private limited, most of the clients are of Small and Medium enterprises, so you as a vendor will supply the software to these companies only a SMEs are your target market.


  • Analyse your target market– It is just to analyze or know your target market so that you can supply the goods according to their tastes and preferences. For example, If your target audience is Teenagers- Trends among Teenagers are jeans, Multimedia phone, etc. So now start manufacturing and supply the goods according to their taste and preferences and also what is in trend.


  • Start spreading the word– Create brand awareness by distributing free samples and creating attractive advertisements for the audience and keep on maintaining an interpersonal relationship with other suppliers in order to know the future competitions in the market. For example- Coca-cola, Mi, Airtel, Samsung, Pizza Hut etc. Most of the people can recognize either by their logo or by a snippet of the tune. Use eyes catchy advertisements with different voice modulations will build the brand awareness for the products.


  • Maintain the quality of genuine– Be genuine and win the customer’s heart. Give free samples to prove that your company is genuine. You don’t indulge in any illegal practices. Like Namaste India has spread the generosity by distributing free samples to their target audience. As per the survey data of Namaste India, 63% people responded positively to the distributed samples of Namaste India Milk.


  • Try to produce new potential– You should try some new products. Like again let’s take the example of Namaste India they have launched other dairy products like Dahi, Lassi, Paneer etc. Producing new potential products will not only create the demand but also will attract the new customers those who are using the product right from the starting.


  • Quality Assurance– The most relevant thing in supplying goods is quality. Implement Good quality Management system to your the place where goods are manufactured. And also perform IQC(Incoming Quality Control) for raw materials and components.


  • Ask for the feedback from your customers– Your first question should be”Did you like this product”. Feedback will help you(vendors)in enhancing the quality of product and will come to know the what their customers or audience actual. What else enhance can be done in the products. If customer’s feedback is positive then the manufacturer will produce the goods in bulk.


  • Adapt new technologies– Taking advantage of new technologies is one of the best ways to cope up with the continuous competitions in the market. Adapting new technologies will help you in building a good rapport with customers.

In Addition, suppliers information are reviewed regularly and initial eligibility is established also potentials suppliers will participate in future bidding for various products. We have recently launched a software Odoo Vendor Portal/Odoo supplier Portal/Vendor Management Software to manage the quotations of the vendors. It allows you to get quotations from different vendors and compares the quotations. Best Quotation is selected among various quotations and also provides the access to vendors to quote their own price.


Hopefully, this blog has given you some information to become a good vendor. Thanks for reading and keep in touch with us for more new interesting blogs. Do not forget to share your valuable feedback in the comment box. Keep reading.



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